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Devilsaurus (デビルザウルス Debiruzaurusu) is a Kaiju that appeared in the 1973 series, Fireman.

Subtitle: Primeval Great Monster (原始大怪獣 Genshi Dai Kaijū)



One day Devilsaurus burrowed from up under the ground near a small village. The Scientific Attack Force happened to be there at the time and quickly shot at the monster, forcing it to burrow away. The next day Devilsaurus returned near a cliff, likely attracted by two village men that were harassing Alien Emusa. The monster kicked large rocks, one of them trapped an old fisherman that took in Alien Emusa. Shortly after the Scientific Attack Force arrived, Alien Emusa fused with Bemuta to become Bemusa King. The two monsters provided to fight one another, while Devilsaurus had the upper hand neither of them could put down the other for long until Devilsaurus used his wrist cannons and a throw attack, forcing Bemusa King to unfuse. Fhortly after this the Scientific Attack Force was forced out of the sky by Devilsaurus's wrist cannons. Before the monster could decimate the village Misaki turned into Fireman to save them. The hero quickly overwhelmed Devilsaurus in close combat, eventually destroying the monster's arms with a pair of Fire Shots and finishing him off with the Fire Flash.


  • Devilsaurus' roar is the Lanosaurus roar, which is a Barugon roar.
  • The person who created Devilsaurus' suit is the suit creator for many of the space dinosaurs that appear in P-Productions Kaiju Ouji, or The Monster Prince.


  • Height: 52 m
  • Weight: 39,000 t
  • Origin: High Village
Powers and Weapons
  • Burrowing: Devilsaurus can burrow at high speeds, almost fast enough to appear as if he is teleporting. While burrowing, he causes earthquakes.
  • Blade Arms: Devilsaurus has blades for arms. It uses them to slap opponents.
  • Wrist Cannons: Devilsaurus is equipped with cannon-like weapons on each of its wrists.


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