The Devila (デビラ Debira) are Alien Devil combatants that appeared in Triple Fighter. They do not posses a heart and run on Uranium energy.

Subtitle: Black Soldiers (黒兵士 Kuro Heishi)


  • Height:TBA
  • Weight:TBA
  • Home world: Planet Devil


Triple Fighter

Devila were the basic grunts of Demon and the Alien Devil. They are commanded by a Demon Kaijin. When they are given commands by their masters they often mutter "Devila" in response. In fact, in Japanese Archipelago Raiding Strategy, it was shown that the only thing they could say was their own name. They often arrive in Demon Cars. They are weak and are easily defeated in every episode. They could even be beaten by elementary school children like Atsushi Ohtsu.

In episode 10, they were equipped with boxing-glove-like weapons on their hands by Black Killer


In episode 18, they were seen holding a strike, causing Demon to comment that "The Devila are not grateful enough." They were unmotivated and not willing to carry out orders, this was because the Three Revived Phantoms were forcibly extracting energy from them to be able to maintain their coalescenced form, Blooder.

At the end of the series, they are seen teleporting away before Demon destroyed his base.

Devila random

A youkai in Ushiwaka Kotara, modified from a Devila suit.


  • A scene where a few Devila enter their cars with a huge fleet of Demon Cars in the background (used in various episodes) was created by having just five real cars parked in front of a huge painting of many Demon Cars.
  • The suit of a Devila was modified into a yokai suit for the Ushiwaka Kotaro series by Toho.

Powers and Ablities

  • Combat Skills: The Devila have basic hand to hand fighting skills.
  • Devil Gun
  • Explosive:The Devila are explosive and Demon Phantoms can throw them like bombs. They explode on impact.
  • Demon Cars (デーモンカー Dēmonkā):The Devilas' mode of transportation.
    • Cannons: The cars are equipted with cannons.


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