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  Devil Tiger (デビルタイガー Debiru Taigā) is a fire-breathing robot from Iron King.

Subtile: Flame Robot (火炎ロボット Kaen Robotto)


Iron King

Devil Tiger on the attack

After failing three times already, the Shiranui Clan unleashed Devil Tiger after the defeat of Double Satan. Devil Tiger rose from underground to kill Gentaro and his allies. However, Goro was nearby and transformed into Iron King and the two started their battle. Although it started off strong with it's flamethrower, through a combination of the Iron Belt from Gentaro and the strength of Iron King, they were able to hold off the metal monster. Devil Tiger flew off into a nearby ocean harbor and attacked ships. While the ocean was transformed into a sea of fire, Gentaro entered. Circling Devil Tiger repeatly, the Special Forces hero was able to drive Devil Tiger into the sea.

Shu Yonro wasted little time before calling out his machine to once again attack Japan. Set against an oil refinery, Devil Tiger was proving where his namesake had come from. Explosion after explosion lit up the afternoon sky, casting a huge doubt of worry over all Japan. Goro did the same little time wasting before he summoned the powers of Iron King to the field. However, due to the fight taking place around flammable materials and containers, this showed not to be enough as the red hero was knocked to the ground repeatedly. However, the giant’s friend Gentaro managed to locate and destroy its control device, causing the super-sized monolith to self-destruct!    


Powers and Weapons
  • Flames: Devil Tiger can release a stream of flames from his mouth.
  • Agility: Devil Tiger is extremely acrobatic, capable of doing flips during combat.


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