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Destrosaurus (デストロサウルス Desutorosaurusu) is one of the many Kaiju to appear in the series, Fireman.

Subtitle: Carnivorous Monster (肉食怪獣 Nikushoku kaijū)



Destrosaurus was the combination of four Alien Prima after they tried to flee from the Scientific Attack Force. The monster attacked the squadron, Misaki breaking off to distract Destrosaurus from the rest of his teammates so he could transform into Fireman. The hero easily over powered Destrosaurus and dodged his attacks. Before long Fireman grabbed the alien monster by the left ankle and threw him around followed by more throwing to disorient Destrosaurus before finishing him with a Fire Flash that blew his head off.



  • Height: 54 m
  • Weight: 44,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Prima
Powers and Weapons
  • Flames: Destrosaurus can launch streams of fire from his mouth.
  • Radiation Spray: Destrosaurus can emit a spray of radiation from his mouth that can kill trees in seconds.


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