Densetsu of Ultraman Story Star is the ending theme for Ultraman Taro.

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English


'Empty much star of Kanata
Kanae star of feelings hope
of the universe protect man of mystery
of the hometown here Ultra star
towering Ultra Tower
plangent bell of love
the bell warrior of love to hit
courage father Silent-out mother
longing for Sophie Seven Taro

sky shining star by the east
more a lot of lyrics is ※
eternal legend tells stars
kun saw of either heroes the
memories here Ultra star
quiet Crystal Town
Date only when climbing the
warrior also one person love
Ooshiki father beloved mother
yearning ace Jack Taro

Distant Ultra star
travelers will hand down
a man who love the warrior
Ririshiki father Yukashiki mother
yearning hero Ultraman

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