Denkou Choujin Gridman (電光超人グリッドマン Denkō Chōjin Guriddoman), translated into English as "Gridman the Hyper Agent", is a Japanese tokusatsu series by Tsuburaya Productions. The show ran from 1993 to 1994. It was the inspiration and source material for DiC Entertainment's Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad. This would be Tsuburaya's last non-Ultra superhero production before Bio Planet WoO.

Shot on live video, Gridman was the first series by Tsuburaya Productions to utilize D-2 digital video for its special effects scenes, allowing for smoother slow-motion photography. Tsuburaya, having switched to digital techniques since then, would continue to use D-2 for all future productions.


Three computer-savvy kids, Naoto, Yuka and Ippei create their own video game superhero, but then discover it is possessed by an inter-dimensional police officer, Gridman. Pursuing an evil program called Khan Digifer, he merges with Naoto and fights Kahn Digifer's digitized monsters (created by social misfit Takeshi) in order to prevent the computerized demon from wreaking havoc on the Human World.


  1. A New Century Hero is Born!
  2. The Acceptor's Secret
  3. Telephone Panic Crisis
  4. Runaway Automobile
  5. Finisher Sword of a Man's Pride!
  6. Melody of Terror
  7. Microwave Oven Explosion in 0 Seconds
  8. Brotherly Bonds
  9. The Fiendish Brainwashing Strategy
  10. Dangerous Gift
  11. Pocket Money is 100,000 Yen?
  12. Beware of Catburglar Matty!
  13. I Don't Like Sports and Such
  14. Manipulated Time
  15. Crooked Target
  16. Ippei, Shrunken!?
  17. Lonely Hacker
  18. Legend of the Dragon
  19. Sexy Policewoman SOS!
  20. Colors Are Disappearing From Earth?!
  21. Execute! The Dream Hero
  22. Resurrection! Dinosaur Emperor
  23. Assassination! Underworld's Thunder
  24. Love! Bioflower
  25. Showdown! Hero's End Part 1
  26. Showdown! Hero's End Part 2
  27. Astounding! Toy Revolt
  28. Spirited Away! Yuka Has Vanished!
  29. Pet Dog Bomb Project
  30. The Day the World Died
  31. Monster Mama is a College Girl
  32. Attack of the Human Vacuum Cleaner!
  33. Another Takeshi
  34. Bodyguard Benkei Has Arrived!
  35. Shock! Sukeban Yuka!?
  36. Did It! Baby
  37. Huh-! The Death Penalty for Papa?
  38. Danger On Earth
  39. Farewell, Gridman




Side Characters

  • Daichi Sho: Naoto's younger brother.
  • Kana Baba: Ippei's younger sister.
  • Soichiro Sho: Naoto's father.
  • Michiko Sho: Naoto's mother.
  • Hideyo Inoue: Yuka's father.
  • Yoshie Inoue: Yuka's mother.
  • Yoshihito Inoue: Yuka's elder brother.
  • Hiroshi Baba: Ippei's father.
  • Ayako Baba: Ippei's mother.
  • Police Officer Koganemura: The police officer of the town in which Naoto lives.
  • Police Officer Amagasaki: The police officer who appeared instead of Koganemura.



Opening theme
  • Denkou Choujin Gridman opening

    Denkou Choujin Gridman opening

    The show's opening

    "Yume no Hero"
    • Lyrics: Akira Ōtsu
    • Composition: Kisaburo Suzuki
    • Arrangement: Masaki Iwamoto
    • Artist: Norio Sakai
Ending theme
  • Denkou Choujin Gridman Ending Theme

    Denkou Choujin Gridman Ending Theme

    "Motto Kimi o Shireba"
    • Lyrics: Akira Ōtsu
    • Composition: Kisaburo Suzuki
    • Arrangement: Masaki Iwamoto
    • Artist: Norio Sakai
Insert song
  • "Futatsu no Yūki"
    • Lyrics: Atsushi Aida
    • Composition & Arrangement: Osamu Totsuka
    • Artist: Compoid Three


  • Naoto Sho (翔 直人 Shō Naoto): Masaya Obi (小尾 昌也 Obi Masaya)
  • Yuka Inoue (井上 ゆか Inoue Yuka): Jun Hattori (服部 ジュン Hattori Jun)
  • Ippei Baba (馬場 一平 Baba Ippei): Takeshi Sudo (須藤 丈士 Sudō Takeshi)
  • Takeshi Todo (藤堂 武史 Todō Takeshi): Tsuyoshi Sugawara (菅原 剛 Sugawara Tsuyoshi)
  • Daichi Sho (翔 大地 Shō Daichi): Masahiro Iwaoka (岩岡 真裕 Iwaoka Masahiro)
  • Kana Baba (馬場 カナ Baba Kana): Kanako Nakatake (中武 佳奈子 Nakatake Kanako)
  • Soichiro Sho (翔 宗一郎 Shō Sōichirō): Edo Yamaguchi (エド 山口 Edo Yamaguchi)
  • Michiko Sho (翔 道子 Shō Michiko): Miru Hitotsuyanagi (一柳 みる Hitotsuyanagi Miru)
  • Hideyo Inoue (井上 英世 Inoue Hideyo): Daisuke Ban (伴 大介 Ban Daisuke) (Played as Naoya Ban (伴 直弥 Ban Naoya))
  • Yoshie Inoue (井上 良枝 Inoue Yoshie): Yumi Mitani (三谷 侑未 Mitani Yumi)
  • Yoshihito Inoue (井上 良仁 Inoue Yoshihito): Masakazu Arai (あらい 正和 Arai Masakazu)
  • Hiroshi Baba (馬場 寛司 Baba Hiroshi): Goro Kataoka (片岡 五郎 Kataoka Gorō)
  • Ayako Baba (馬場 彩子 Baba Ayako): Yuko Tsuga (津賀 有子 Tsuga Yūko)
  • Police Officer Koganemura (小金村 巡査Koganemura Junsa): Shoichi Komatsu (小松 正一 Komatsu Shōichi)
  • Police Officer Amagasaki (尼崎 巡査 Amagasaki Junsa): Daisuke Itsumori (五森 大輔 Itsumori Daisuke)
  • Narrator (ナレーター Narētā): Yuji Machi (真地 勇志 Machi Yūji)

Voice Cast

  • Gridman (グリッドマン Guriddoman): Hikaru Midorikawa (緑川 光 Midorikawa Hikaru)
  • Junk (ジャンク Janku): Junko Shimakata (嶋方 淳子 Shimakata Junko)
  • Kahn Digifer (カーンデジファー Kān Dejifā): Masaharu Sato (佐藤 正治 Satō Masaharu)

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