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Demon Star (デモンスター Demonsutā) is one of the Kaiju created by Mad Go-Ne in episode 16 of Jumborg Ace, "Mystery! Witch Monster Arrives?".

Subtitle: Witch Monster (魔女怪獣 Majo Kaijū)


Jumborg Ace


Demon Star was used by Mad Go-Ne to keep humans away from an Alien Gross construction site. She originally carried her mission out in human form as Witch Waru, using her hallucination brain waves to keep people away. However, Naoki alerted PAT to what was going on, causing them to eventually barrage the construction site with missiles. Mad Go-Ne used a monster ray from his space ship to turn Demon Star back into her monster form. A local village panicked upon seeing her, forcing them to flee the scene as it walked toward them. PAT found the dragon-like monster and opened fire on her. Demon Star attacked the evacuated village with her fire balls as its denizens ran and screamed for their lives. As homes were crushed Naoki managed to get to his plane, took off, and summoned Jumborg Ace to fight Demon Star. The robot hero ran in with a series of punches to the dragon-like monster's neck followed by throwing her. Demon Star used her fire balls to keep the hero at bay only for hm to return with more punches. She bit down on the hero's right shoulder and then his right knee to toss him. Jumborg Ace jumped up and sliced Demon Star in half with the Windmill-Deadly.


Jumborg Ace vs Demon Star and Antron

Demon Star was later revived by Wutan as part of the Ghost Monster Corps (亡霊怪獣軍団 Bōrei Kaijū Gundan) along with Antron, King Jaigras and Dokuros King to keep Jumborg Ace busy while he rampaged on Earth. She appeared together with Ghost Antron but was killed when Jumborg Ace rammed both of them into Ghost Dokuros King.


  • Demon Star reuses Antlar's roars.
  • Designer: Yoshiaki Yoneya
    • Design motif is a ladybird lizard.


  • Height: 53 m
  • Weight: 40,000 t
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Human Disguise: Demon Star can disguise herself as a human called Witch Waru at will.
  • Fire Balls: Demon Star can fire missile-like fireballs that fired on her mouth.
  • Destruction Ray: TBA
  • Hallucination Brain Waves: Demon Star can cause hallucinations from her brain waves.


Jumborg Ace

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