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Delusion Ultraseven (妄想ウルトラセブン Mōsō Urutorasebun) is a Minus Energy entity that was created from an Ultraseven doll that was owned by Naoto, a soccer-playing boy who was injured by a gang of bikers.


Ultraman 80

Delusion Ultraseven

After being put in the hospital by a group of bikers, Naoto Tajima's rage manifested in the form of his favorite hero: Ultraseven. When his tears fell onto an action figure of Ultraseven lying by his side, the minus energy within brought the figure to life; as it heard Naoto's unconscious demands to beat his attackers up, the figure suddenly flew through the window, and Delusion Ultraseven was formed!

Delusion Ultraseven went on a rampage, chasing after those that hurt the boy. When U.G.M was called in, they were shocked to see one of Earth’s prior heroes attacking. Thanks to Yullian, however, Takeshi learned the giant wasn't the true Seven, as he transformed into Ultraman 80, and the two drew battle.

Unable to get the upper hand on the Ultra, Delusion Ultraseven began to kick debris at the hero. Seeing this, 80 remembered Naoto, who was a soccer player. Communicating via telekinesis with Yullian, she managed to confirm the fake Ultra was brought to life by him.

After avoiding its Emerium Beam, 80 began to communicate with the boy through Delusion Ultraseven, telling him that it is not right to trample the love of Ultraseven for others for his own purpose. As Naoto thought of his own actions, 80 hit Delusion Ultraseven with an energy attack, breaking its bond with the boy before carrying it away.


  • Suit actor: Hiroshi Atsumi
  • Due to the gradual deterioration of the suits of the past Ultras over the years until the release of Ultraman 80, Delusion Ultraseven is a completely new suit made especially for the episode, with some parts reused from a suit of Ultraman Taro. This suit was later used in stage shows to represent Seven during the 80s.
    • The only difference between Ultraseven and Delusion Ultraseven is the thicker white marking beneath his Protectors.
    • However, in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3, Ultraseven and Delusion Ultraseven look exactly alike due to simply recycling the former's CG polygon.
  • Delusion Ultraseven is one of the first Imitation Ultras who isn't truly evil, alongside Ace Robot; in the case of Delusion Ultraseven, his destructive nature is purely as a result of the injured Naoto's desire to get revenge on the biker gang who attacked him.
  • Delusion Ultraseven's way of walking while having his arms stretched out is similar to that of Jiang Shi, a Chinese vampire.
    • In the legend, Jiang Shi are incapable of walking, and instead hop everywhere. Delusion Ultraseven's combination of extended arms and a standard gait means that he also resembles some depictions of zombies in Western media, which tend to walk around with their arms stretched out in front of them.
    • Additionally, Delusion's movements and references could possibly be drawn to Frankenstein's creature, as both are entities brought to life by energy, and walk with their arms stretched out.
  • Delusion Ultraseven's grunts are heavily slowed down Ultraseven grunts.
    • However, certain sources instead said that it was recycled from Hoe's roar.
  • Delusion Ultraseven is also called in certain materials as Grudge Ultraseven (怨念ウルトラセブン Onnen Urutorasebun) and Ghost Seven (怨霊セブン Onryō Sebun). However, the real translation of the word ghost in Japanese is Yurei (幽霊). This was likely due to Onryo (怨霊) is a translation of "vengeful ghost" instead of mere ghosts, mirroring how this Ultraseven was created from pure hatred.
  • Delusion Ultraseven being manifested from cold and hatred is a reference to his original counterpart's star series, being darker compared to most Showa Ultraman Series.
  • As a figurine being given to life from Minus Energy, Delusion Seven predated Ultraseven Dark by 32 years. This particular Seven is the original one whose Spark Doll was DarkLived by another dark-hearted individual into a mockery of the original one.
    • In addition, Delusion Ultraseven is not the first example of a figure being given life as a result of the pain felt by its owner in a Tokusatsu series; that honor goes to the robot Kuruma Nikuras from the 1971 P-Production series Spectreman, who was originally an action figure before manifesting in reality after its young owner was injured by being ran down by a car, the child's grudge against the wayward driver having given Kuruma Nikuras both a life of its own and a new, gigantic form.


  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 35,000 t
  • Origin: Tokyo
Powers and Weapons
  • Fake Emerium Beam (フェイクエメリウム光線 Feiku Emeriumu Kōsen): Delusion Ultraseven can emit a concentrated blue energy bolt from the Beam Lamp on his forehead. However, its power is unknown as it never made contact with an enemy. It can be assumed that it rivals the original Ultraseven's Emerium Beam.
  • Aura: After appearing for the first time, Delusion Ultraseven is surrounded by a blue aura, presumably made of Minus Energy. This aura also briefly appeared just before Takeshi transformed into 80 to fight Delusion Ultraseven.
  • Strength: Delusion Ultraseven is extremely strong, able to fight on equal terms with Ultraman 80 and pull buildings from the ground with ease.
    • Soccer Kick (サッカーキック Sakkā Kikku): As a result of Naoto's desires to play soccer, Delusion Ultraseven is an adept kicker and can kick objects at speed to strike opponents; this technique was also used in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3.
  • Eye Slugger (アイスラッガー Ai Suraggā): In FE3, Delusion Seven can remove his Eye Slugger replica as a handheld weapon. This is simply part of its side attacks.

Other Media

Ultra Rider.jpg
The following contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon or not part of the main canon. The events featured may not have actually happened/existed in-universe.

Ultra Super Fight

Delusion Ultraseven, as seen in Ultra Super Fight

Delusion Ultraseven reappeared in Ultra Super Fight. He was created from the hatred of Kaiju that were killed by Ultras. For a while, it was thought that Delusion Ultraseven was his real counterpart, but further examination of other episodes has since proven that Delusion Ultraseven is the one who stars in the episode.

After battling Ultraman Ace and defeating him at a building site in rural Japan, Delusion Ultraseven was confronted by Ultraman. The two fought a long and brutal hand-to-hand battle, in which Delusion Ultraseven attempted to use rebar rods to stab Ultraman, but in the end the hero was victorious after delivering an Ultra Haze Slash to the imitation, causing Delusion Ultraseven to fall down, seemingly dead. Nightmare!? Duel of Man and Seven?


  • Voice actor: Bin Shimada
  • An Ultraseven suit was simply used for his appearance.

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3

Delusion Ultraseven VS Ultraseven (Delusion Ultraseven is the one hit by an air strike)

Delusion Ultraseven is a playable character in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3. He is an unlockable character that can be unlocked via completing his scenario in the game while getting an S rank. Delusion Ultraseven's character model is simply Ultraseven's in a new position with open hands and a new set of sound effects.


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