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The Delta Plasma (デルタ・プラズマー Deruta Purazumā) is Jack Shindo's Transformation Item, which he uses to transform into Ultraman Great. It is shaped like Ultraman Great's Color Timer.


After he rescued Jack from Gudis, Great chose Jack as his human host to survive on Earth and gave him the Delta Plasma to transform into him and fight the monsters.


To use the Delta Plasma, Jack gingerly places it in the palm of his left hand, closes his eyes, and concentrates. It then emits pulsating synthesizer noises and a light which transforms him. The "rise" scene for the transformation shows Ultraman Great emerging from amidst an explosion from a swirling galaxy.


  • Delta Plasma (DX accessory set, 1993)
    • Release Date: TBA
    • Price: TBA
    • Materials: TBA
    • Accessories: Delta Plasma/Color Timer, Ultraman Great torso suit (kid-sized)
  • Delta Plasma (Die-Cast Swing Luminous, 2018)
    • Release Date: April 17, 2018
    • Price: 5,980 yen
    • Materials: ABS, MABS, Die-Cast
A Tamashii Webshop exclusive, this Delta Plasma is a show-accurate life-sized replica of the transformation trinket, complete with die-cast body and a light-up gimmick. Like the rest of the keychain figures, the Delta Plasma pendant also comes with a single metal ball chain. However, you can change it into a necklace string if you wish.
The Die-Cast Swing Luminous Delta Plasma could be ordered at December 2017 until January 9, 2018 at 11p.m., and was shipped to customers at April 17, 2018.


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