"We will believe in the warrior of light and the messages sent continuously by humans."

―Delaxion before leaving

Delaxion (デラシオン Derashion) is a being who served as the main antagonist of the movie Ultraman Cosmos Vs Ultraman Justice: The Final Battle.

Subtitle: Prophetic Space Leader (宇宙予言司 Uchū Yogen Tsukasa)


Ultraman Cosmos Vs Ultraman Justice: The Final Battle

Respected as the judge of the universe, Delaxion is an existance dedicated to Universal Peace through the concept of Universal Justice. For this reason did it align with Ultraman Justice in trying to fight chaos in the universe.

Delaxion gave a prophecy about the monster Sandros two thousand years prior to its rampage across space. She sent Justice to exterminate the threat whom also receives an aid from Cosmos.

Later, she predicted that humans would become the next great threat to interstellar peace. Sending the Glokers, they rampaged across Japan, making sure not to let a single human leave Earth with Justice destroying Cosmos for interferring. However, the red Ultra later had a change of heart and rebelled against Delaxion. As he was assissted by a revived Cosmos, Justice destroyed all of Delaxion's forces stationed on Earth. When Giga Endra appeared and tried to destroy the Earth's life, Cosmos and Justice fused into Ultraman Legend and successfully destroy the doomsday weapon. Delaxion appeared again, and trusting the Ultras, they changed their view towards humanity while leaving them unharmed.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Home World: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Prophecy: Delaxion is known as being able to see into the future and determine what species will become a threat to universal peace.
  • Glokers/Giga Endra: Delaxion has total control over the Gloker Army and of course, her doomsday weapon Giga Endra.
  • Infini Over: The aura of light that surrounds Delaxion, it obscures the being from view, what powers this has are unknown.


  • Delaxion was voiced by Chisako Hara, the wife of late Akio Jissoji, one of the directors of Ultraman.
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