Defeat the Demon (悪魔を討て! Akuma wo Ute!) is the eighth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Night Fang defeated Taiga and has put people to sleep, trapping them in nightmares. Ai Tennoji awakens her hidden abilities to grant Taiga a new power.



The seal of Night Fang, the Nightmare Monster was broken!! Mysterious sonic waves emitted from its third eye make people see nightmares. Members of the E.G.I.S. were put into nightmare and were defeated one after another... At the same time, the light sleeping in Earth gives a new power to Ultraman Taiga!

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama


On the Next Chance (次の機会に Tsugi no Kikai ni)

Titas and Fuma complain and rant because they didn't get a new form like Taiga did.


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