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Deban (デバン), or acknowledged by his full name Deban da Deban (デバンダデバン), was an alien that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Tiga episode 21.

Subtitle: Little Mascot Monster (マスコット小怪獣 Masukotto ko kaijū)



Deban's name is the Japanese katakana format for Turn (出番 Deban). If conjoined with its full name, it would be Turn, its Turn (出番だ出番 Deban da Deban).


Ultraman Tiga

Deban was an alien monster of the same species as Enomena but of a good nature. He was found by a traveling circus, who allowed Deban to live and travel with them as their mascot and actor. However because of Deban's presence, Enomena was constantly hunting him and the group due to Deban possessing the ability to disable his electromagnetic waves. Once GUTS learned of Deban's ability to counteract Enomena's waves, they insisted they take Deban so as to find a cure through experimentation. The traveling group however would have none of it and left GUTS to deal with Enomena on their own. However, the group was attacked by a mob of people who were under Enomena's Waves' influence. Deban decided to protect his family by releasing the cure to the populance, curing them of their insanity. However this act of heroism also exposed him to Enomena as well, and the alien sadistically blasted Deban with his Light Bullets.

Deban however was still alive and managed to save Tiga from falling under Enomena's Insanity Waves by releasing his own waves as well. This act however made Deban keel over, persumably dying of exhaustion and his wounds. However, some time after Enomena was destroyed by Tiga, the traveling circus revealed to Daigo that Deban had recovered and still lives his life happily with his "family."


  • Suit actor: Harumi Tanaka
  • Deban is related to Enomena. He may be a younger member of the same species.
  • In the 4Kids dub of Deban's episode, Deban's waves to Enomena's waves are referred to as "magical ear wax."
  • Deban's appearance in the series was suggested by screen play director of Ultraman Tiga, Ai Ota, whom wished to put a childlike elements to the Ultra Kaiju in this episode.
  • Deban's roar was reused from Alien Chibull.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Trigger Deban.png

Deban appeared as a social media star, reviewing the recent events in recent times, explaining not only Ultraman Trigger's origins, but several others as well.


  • Voice actor: Risae Matsuda
  • A stage show suit was used for Deban's appearance.


  • Height: 158 cm
  • Weight: 98 kg
  • Origin: Subspace Dimension
Powers and Weapons
  • Enomena Antidote Waves: The sides of Deban's head can emit a yellow wave of energy that disables the effect of Enomena's Insanity Waves.


Ultraman Tiga


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