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The Flaming Deathlogue (炎上のデスローグ Enjō no Desurōgu)[1] is an Alien Deathre member of the Darkness Five that first appeared in the second part of Ultra Zero Fight.


Ultra Zero Fight

Deathlogue joins forces with Sly, Grocken, Villainous and Jatar to create the "Darkness Five". He later battles Mirror Knight but Deathlogue is pushed to retreat. After all Ultimate Force Zero's members passed away, Zero Darkness invites Deathlogue and the others to conquer the universe. However, he is later defeated and flees with the others after Zero emits a bright light.

After Belial was revived by Zero's Shining Star Drive, Deathlogue and the other members of the Darkness Five joined Belial in a mission to conquer the universe.

Ultraman Geed


During the events prior to Ultraman Geed, Deathlogue participated in the Omega Armageddon alongside Belial, Kei and the other members of the Darkness Five and Belial new's army, Terror The Belial against the Ultra Warriors in a heated battle which held the fate of the universe at stake. It is unknown what happened to Deathlogue after the Crisis Impact.

Deathlogue appears in the final episode of the series as an image in Belial's memories when Riku sees through his father's mind.


  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 15,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Flames: Deathlogue is able to emit a deadly stream of fire from his large hand.
  • Deathrem Claw (デスレムクロー Desuremu Kurō): A giant claw appendage on his left arm themed after a Japanese paper fan.
  • Deathrem Inferno (デスレムインフェルノ Desuremu Inferuno): Deathlogue can fire fireballs from his giant claw.
  • Teleportation: Deathlogue can teleport to whatever location he likes.

Other Media

Ultraman Retsuden

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Deathlogue reappears alongside with his comrades, Sly, Grocken, and Villainous in Ultraman Retsuden episode 100 as well as the Darkness Five biography special.

He, along with the others, reappeared in episodes 48 and 49 of New Ultraman Retusden as hosts, talking about the Rush Hunters, and their species that went to Earth in their dimension. Later on, he was reunited with Jatar as he returned to the team, explained his attempt of revenge on Zero and Glenfire, and after seeing an transmission from Ultraman Belial, went to the Monster Graveyard, and prepared themselves to join the Mega Monster Rush.


Ultra Zero Fight


  • Unlike Deathrem, Deathlogue seems to be much quieter, and talks mostly through moaning and grunting. However, he may be speaking in his kind's native language, as Grocken occasionally translates what he is saying.
  • In Ultraman Retsuden, after Belial informs Deathlogue that people can't understand him Deathlogue has Grocken translate for the viewers.


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