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Death Kong King (デスコングキング Desu Kongu Kingu) is a Kaiju that appeared in episode 5 of Jumborg Ace.

Subtitle: Panda Monster (パンダ怪獣 Panda Kaijū)


Jumborg Ace

Naoki, Kazuya, and his friend Kaori were playing in a field when Anti Go-Ne's spaceship arrived. They ran to hide, but Kaori accidentally dropped her toy panda, a gift from her parents before they left. Anti Go-Ne shot his beam at it, turning it evil. When the spaceship left, Naoki, Kazuya and Kaori went to take it back. The toy panda emitted a bright light from its eyes, stunning Naoki. It then took possession of the two children, who brought it to the Nuclear Energy Plant as part of Anti Go-Ne's plan to wipe out Tokyo. Death Kong King then transformed into its giant form to destroy the Nuclear Energy Plant. Luckily, PAT arrived to attack him. However, Death Kong King used its Breast Plate Shield and his Ball Form to defend himself against their attacks. Jumborg Ace appeared to confront the kaiju. Death Kong King got the upper hand by using his flames and bombs on Jumborg Ace. Jumborg Ace threw a couple of Jet Knives at Death Kong King's bombs, making them blow up against himself and causing him to drop his shield. Jumborg Ace then used the Beam Emerald on him, killing him in an explosion.


  • Designer: Yoshiaki Yoneya
  • Despite originating from a stuffed panda, Death Kong King resembles more of an armadillo rather than a panda due his shell on his back and his ability to roll into a ball.
  • Death Kong King's roar is a sped up Gomora roar.
  • Death Kong King's suit appears in Ultraman Leo episode 9 as part of the Monster Corps Show.
  • Death Kong King was originally meant to be named Garapanda and was to take the place of Rubangar King in episode 2 of Jumborg Ace.
    • The saber that he was supposed to use was modified into Rubangar King's saber.


  • Height: 47 m
  • Weight: 38,000 t
  • Origin: Earth
Powers and Weapons
  • Flames: Death Kong King is able to breathe a stream of fire from it's mouth.
  • Breast Plate Shield: Death Kong King can remove its breastplate and use it as a shield.
  • Bombs: Death Kong King can remove the ball-like appendages on it's legs and use them as bombs when ignited by it's fire breath.
  • Ball Form: Death Kong King can roll into a ball.


Death Kong King was released by the Thai toy company ApexToys as part of the Jumborg Ace Series. He is #12 in the series.


Jumborg Ace

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