Death Balan
Death Balan
Home world: Planet Earth
First Appearance: The Ultraman Episode 25
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Height: 81 m
Weight: 82,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
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Death Balan (デスバラン Desu Baran) was a monster that appeared in episode 25 of The Ultraman.

Powers and Abilities

  • Abdomen Flower: Death Balan has a flow on his abdomen that emits hypnotic pollen to attract potential prey to it and uses the flower to eat his prey whole leaving only bones. If left on their body too long this pollen with solidify into highly radioactive green goo. For combat it is armed with a pair of vines.
  • Back Tentacles: Death Balan has six tentacles on his back he can use to ensnare foes.


Death Balan was an ancient creature that lived deep within the vast desert of the middle east attracting anyone unfortunate enough to him with his pollen. Into the modern age various people managed to escape only for them to die of radiation poisoning upon rescue. After the Scientific Defense Guard was unable to save one of them, Choichi noticed a green goo on Mutsumi's left boot and wiped it off. Once a gale blew the cloth into his face he began to wonder off with the team following him. Choichi found himself in Death Balan's cave with many missing people that were being used as his food supply. The high of the pollen prevented Choichi from turning into Ultraman Joneus, but fortunately for him the Scientific Defense Guard arrived and rescue everyone while attacking Death Balan. The plant-like monster showed his wrath by sinking the entire cave under the sand and proceeded to attack the intruders only for Joneus to arrive and stop him. Death Balan had an upper hand on Joneus with a combination of tentacles and pollen to keep the hero at bay, but once Joneus shrunk to the size of a house pet he managed to out maneuver his opponent before catching him by surprise upon retuning to normal height. After Joneus assault the beast he finished Death Balan off with a shot of the Planium Beam.


  • Death Balan's design was based on Astromons.
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