Deadly Starfish, known in Japan as Two Heroes (二人の英雄 Futari no Eiyū), is the tenth episode of Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.


When a storage tank at an oil refinery collapses under mysterious circumstances, the oil company calls in WINR to investigate. In discovering the cause of the refinery disasters, Kai is reunited with Arturo Mendez, a pilot with whom he had trained and who didn't make the cut to join WINR. Mendez is now working as a firefighter for the oil company and when the cause of all the disasters, the monstrous starfish-like monster called Pestar, appears Mendez and Kai must put their personal rivalry aside in order to prevent the refinery from burning to the ground. Of course, with a little help from Ultraman Powered and Mendez's precision Hawk piloting, Pestar doesn't stand a chance. but Ultraman Powered appears in time and destroys Pestar by tossing him into the air and firing his Mega Specium Ray at the monster killing it.



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