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"He uses the overwhelming strength locked within his body to fight. A warrior who despises dirty tricks, he considers Trigger a worthy opponent."

Narrator of Ultraman Trigger: Preview Special.

Darrgon (ダーゴン Dāgon)[2][3] is one of the Giants of Darkness and one of the main antagonists in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga.[4][5] He fights using his great strength, and considers Trigger to be his worthy opponent. Despite his battle-hardened appearance and fearsome armour, Darrgon has aspects of his personality which contrast his nature as an antagonist, such as his strong sense of honor and respect for those brave enough to challenge him.

Subtitle: Herculean Fighter (剛力闘士 Gōriki Tōshi)[2][4][5]


As with the other two Giant of Darknesses, Darrgon is based on the three giants in Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey, with his counterpart being Darramb.[6]


Befitting Tiga's numerous references to H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos and like his namesake Darramb, he is named after Father Dagon, one of the Deep Ones.


According to Uchusen 175 Detail of Ultraman, Darrgon's suit consists of the main body and other separate parts, such as helmet, arm covers, gloves, chest pads, skirt and shin guards. The breastplate attaches to the main body through velcros on the suit's front and back, and removes by opening the right half first. The gloves are also attached to the arm cover and wearing the entire set requires built-in velcro. The shoulder parts are integrated with the breastplate, with only the upper parts are tied through hidden belts for the rest of the armor to encourage the suit actor's free-range movement. The peepholes are located on the slits surrounding the eyes and unlike Ultraman Trigger, there is no built-in LED on Darrgon's forehead crystal. The Color Timer and the lights of his eyes are connected through a single battery on the breastplate, with the connecting wire is hidden through a cord that connects to the helmet. Like all Giants of Darkness, the lights for Color Timer and the eyes are adjustable through a remote control.

Shoma Muto admitted in an interview from Detail of Ultraman magazine that Darrgon's overall design is a homage to two characters from Fist of the North Star; his shoulder armors and skirt evokes the image of Raoh, while his grilled mouth took cues from Jagi's helmet.[7]


Darrgon values his brute strength above all else as his sole means of fighting with a great deal of pride, and enjoys fighting for his amusement.[3] Despite his incredible strength, he has a sense of honor about him, as he adheres to fair play during combat and detests cowardly tactics.[4] Darrgon's sense of honor is not limited to fighting Ultras, as he finds the nature of human strength to be interesting, and values the humans who are brave enough to face him in combat in spite of the substantial difference in strength between them. After several encounters and battles against GUTS-Select, Darrgon's deeper traits began to develop further, and he became even more contemplative of the nature of humanity and emotions.

Darrgon's respect for Trigger can be dated as far as the Ultra-Ancient era, wherein the two were previously sparring partners. Even after Trigger's defection to the light, he still finds enjoyment in fighting his former friend in combat.

As the series progress, Darrgon eventually becomes the only one out of his companions to remain sane in the midst of Carmeara's obsession with her old flame and Hudram's treacherous intent. Eventually no longer having faith in his team reuniting again, his attempts at desert Carmeara and getting brainwashed as a result forced him to turn to GUTS-Select's help in order to free himself from his former leader's control. His growing affection for Yuna at that point becomes his major push in fighting back Carmeara's influence, for at least until Akito delivers a mercy kill.


Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Trigger Dark and the Giants of Darkness

Darrgon, with the other Giants of Darkness, arrived on Earth 30 million years ago to locate the Eternity Core, fighting against Yuzare directly or by controlling Dark Monsters.[5] Trigger Dark captured Yuzare and used her to open the gate towards the Eternity Core, allowing the other Giants of Darkness to enter. However, Kengo Manaka convinced Trigger Dark to turn to the light, becoming Ultraman Trigger, who fought the Giants of Darkness with the help of Yuzare and the power of the Eternity Core. They were petrified into stone statues, and were left to float through the universe.[3][8]

"We meet again, my worthy opponent. Trigger! After 30 million years, our paths have crossed again! Let us have an honorable battle!"

―Darrgon's challenge to Trigger

Darrgon fights Trigger in the modern day

In the present day, Darrgon was found by Carmeara, who undid his petrification after he landed somewhere upside down. Darrgon went to Earth to fight against Trigger after he had just defeated Gymaira but, now weakened, Trigger stood no chance against him and disappeared. Darrgon returned later at night, destroying the city to lure out Trigger. Having received the Power Type Hyper Key from Akito Hijiri, Kengo Manaka made use of Trigger's new power to fight against Darrgon. Bringing their battle underwater as they clashed, Trigger drove Darrgon away after the battle. Leap to the Future Carmeara and Darrgon then went to pick up Hudram after his fight with Trigger, having to restrain him in the process. With the three Giants of Darkness reunited, they continued their quest to find the Eternity Core. The Ultra-Ancient Light and Darkness

While Deathdrago attacked, Darrgon went after Yuna Shizuma, seeking to awaken Yuzare's spirit within her. After Darrgon pursued Yuna through a basement, Akito arrived to assist her, but their combined efforts were not enough to drive Darrgon away. Darrgon threw Akito into a pile of boxes before being slapped by Yuna, and left after being impressed by what she had done. Now alone, Darrgon contemplated the nature of the "human spirit" that he had seen. Akito's Promise

Continuing to ponder the nature of the human spirit, Darrgon attempted to continue his efforts at awakening Yuzare within Yuna, this time through the emotion of love. When he was rebuffed, Darrgon grew furious, and the vibrations given off by his body inadvertently awoke the monster Zaragas from his slumber beneath the Earth. In a surprising twist of fate, Darrgon later intervened to assist Trigger in the final moments of the battle that followed, restraining Zaragas with a single finger. He then threw the monster towards his rival, who swiftly destroyed it with his Deracium Light Stream. Wavering Heart

The Giants of Darkness after Trigger's light drains away

After repeated monster attacks, Carmeara decided to attack Trigger directly, managing to perform her Curse of Darkness on him that turned him back into Trigger Dark. The Encounter of Light and Darkness However, after his ordeal in the past, Kengo returned to the future, causing the Giants of Darkness to somehow remember that he was the one who turned Trigger to the light in the first place. The Giants of Darkness attack Kengo, now transformed into Ultraman Trigger, and had the upper hand until Yuzare's spirit emerged from within Yuna and granted Trigger a fragment of the Eternity Core, allowing him to transform into Glitter Trigger Eternity. He forced the Giants of Darkness to retreat after firing his Glitter Zeperion Beam at them, and then finished off Trigger Dark. The 30-Million-Year Miracle

Soon, the Absolutian warriors Absolute Tartarus and Absolute Diavolo invaded Trigger's world in search of the Eternity Core. They threatened the Giants of Darkness to stand down and surrender the Eternity Core to them, which they did after being outclassed by Diavolo. The Golden Threat However, after Carmeara's observations of GUTS-Select's plan to counterattack, they decided to restrain Diavolo while his energy was getting absorbed, as the Giants of Darkness and GUTS-Select now had a common enemy. This ultimately led toward the defeat of Diavolo and the Absolutians' deferring of taking the Eternity Core. Operation Dragon Carmeara then attempted to attack Trigger and Trigger Dark during Metsu-Orochi's rampage, defeating Trigger Dark while getting hurt in the process. Darrgon then came and stopped her before she could fight Trigger, advising her to retreat as Trigger had human allies on his side that were not to be underestimated. Raging Feast

The Giants of Darkness quarrel among each other, leading to the breakdown of their unity

A Kyriel came to the Earth and unleashed the Morpheus R cosmic waves, which showed the Giants of Darkness illusions of their greatest desires. Carmeara longed to see the Trigger she knew again, Darrgon wanted Yuna's affection and Hudram desired to be the leader of the trio. Smile Operation No.1 The effects of Morpheus R soon wore off, and Hudram started to accuse Carmeara of being incompetent as a leader, starting a fight between them despite Darrgon's efforts to keep them together. With that, the unity between the Giants of Darkness fell apart, and Hudram began acting on his own. What Makes a Savior

"My friend!"

―Darrgon's last words

Darrgon became disgusted with Carmeara after he learned of Hudram's death at her hands, and decided to defect from her as well. However, Carmeara used her increased power to control his mind using her Curse of Darkness and made him attack the city. Darrgon fought against GUTS-Select and Trigger, defeating them and nearly injuring Yuna in the process. At a crucial moment, Darrgon rgained control of himself and managed to catch Yuna from a fatal fall. He then had a talk with her, Akito and Kengo, admitting that he had become drawn to the kind of strength that humans possessed which the Giants of Darkness lacked, and challenged Trigger to a duel as a last request.

Darrgon's death

Trigger arrived to duel him at a mountain range, and all went well until Carmeara decided to reactivate the curse again, defiling Darrgon's final request for a fair battle. He started to rampage again and fought off the effects of the curse as best as he could, but could no longer hold on to himself and asked to be killed so that he would not hurt Yuna. Trigger attempted to help him, but Carmeara got in the way and fought him instead. Akito decided to use the Ultraman Ribut Hyper Key to defeat Darrgon by ramming him through with the Nursedessei using the Maxima Galaxium. With his dying breath, Darrgon gave his thanks to his friends. Carmeara took the chance to absorb Darrgon's remaining power of darkness afterwards, and made her way to the Eternity Core after kidnapping Yuna, to take its power and become Megalothor. My Friend

Alongside a duplicate of Hudram, a duplicate of Darrgon was created by Carmeara using the Darkness generated by Megalothor's Second Form in an attempt to stop GUTS-Select from gathering energy from the Eternity Core to charge Trigger's new Truth form. The copies of Darrgon and Hudram assaulted the Nursedessei and engaged GUTS-Select in hand-to-hand combat, but were eventually defeated, evaporating away after Yuna accessed the Eternity Core's power. To the Ones Who Believe in Smiles / Pull the Trigger


Ultraman Trigger Darrgon render.png


Body Features

  • Color Timer
  • Light Crystal
  • Armor: Darrgon's body is protected by a set of Western-style armor. In addition to the breastplate surrounding his Color Timer, Darrgon also wears pauldrons on his shoulders, vambraces on his forearms, greaves on his shins and sabatons on his feet. When under Carmeara's mind control, Darrgon's eyes, visible beneath his helmet, change colour from yellow to bright red.My Friend


  • Brute Strength: Darrgon's main ability lies in the use of his brute strength, something that he favors during combat.[4] This allows him to throw another Ultra like Trigger into mid-air.[5] He is strong enough to hold up and throw the entire weight of Zaragas with just one finger, at human size.
  • Armor: Darrgon wears armor that protects him from damage.
  • Deflection: Darrgon can punch a projectile back to its source.
  • Teleportation/Portal: Using his dark powers, Darrgon is able to move from one place to another, either by conjuring portals or shrouding his figure with darkness to cover his escape.
  • Size Change: Darrgon can shrink himself to the size of a human.[2]



  • Fire Beat Crusher (ファイヤービートクラッシャー Faiyā Bīto Kurasshā): Darrgon's finishing move, he sends shockwaves of flame driving through the earth with tremendous destructive power.[2][3]
  • Dark Bullet: Darrgon can fire an energy blast from his hand.
  • Dark Burst: Bolts of dark energy erupt from Darrgon's body.


  • Darrgo Metta (ダーゴメッタ Dāgo Metta)[8]
  • Darrgo Kick (ダーゴキック Dāgo Kikku)[8]
  • Darrgo Knee Attack (ダーゴニーアタック Dāgo Nī Atakku)
  • Dark Punch: Darrgon coats his fist in dark energy and unleashes a punch powerful enough to break Yuna/Yuzare's energy shield.


Ultra Monster Series

  • Herculean Fighter Darrgon (2021)
    • Release Date: July 2021
    • ID Number: 148
    • Price: 600 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660645467
    • Materials: PVC
Ultra Monster Series "Herculean Fighter Darrgon" is a 15-cm soft vinyl figure with 3 points of articulation on the waist and arms. Molded in black PVC plastic, Darrgon features primarily Gunmetal, red, and some orange-yellow (eyes) and metallic blue (color timer) paint operations.
Owning to his fate in "My Friend", Ultra Monster Series Darrgon became one of the best sellers at Amazon Japan as of early January 2022.

Chibi Nuigurumi

  • Carmeara/Darrgon/Hudram 3-pack (2021)
    • Release Date: July 22, 2021
    • Price: 5,280 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4990593856718
Released as part of the Ultra Heroes EXPO 2021 exclusive Chibi Nuigurumi 3-pack along with Carmeara and Hudram, this Darrgon is a super-deformed plush toy.


  • In Zabil's Ultra Ancient Stone Tablet, Darrgon is depicted as a semi aquatic creature with a set of tentacles replacing his legs.
  • Aside from the aforementioned boost in his sofubi figurine, due to Darrgon's death in episode 23, the character's popularity went skyrocketed in Twitter. This resulted in a hashtag "Darrgon-san who wants to exist" (存在したいダーゴンさん回 Sonzai Shitai Dāgon-san Kai) that features imaginary scenarios of what if Darrgon succeeded in his defection and eventually interacting with the protagonists.


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