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Darling Moray (ダーリングウツボ Dāringu Utsubo) is the first Kaiju to appear in the series, Emergency Directive 10-4·10-10.


10-4 10-10

Botanist Henry Yoshihara grew angry of humans so he produced the production of the drug LS 408 that turned plants into monsters. He tested it out and turned into Darling Moray having a taste for human flesh.


  • Height: 2.5 m
  • Weight: TBA
  • Origin: Earth
Powers and Weapons
  • Poison Polen: Being a plant, the Darling Moray can shoot a deadly pollen from it's core.
  • Vines: Like other plants, vines are a common factor in Darling Moray's arsenal.
  • Sweet Smells: Moray can drag its prey with sweet smells,cake,cookies etc.
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