Darkness Five (ダークネスファイブ Dākunesu Faibu) are a group of evil aliens under Ultraman Belial who are bent on annihilating the Ultimate Force Zero.


Ultra Zero Fight

The Darkness Five is formed by a group of aliens, namely Villainous, Deathlogue, Grocken, Sly and Jatar and with Ultraman Belial as their master and plans to eliminate the members of the Ultimate Force Zero.

After Alien Bat Gurashie, all members of the Darkness Five would fight against the members of Ultimate Force Zero. In the midst of the battle with the Ultimate Force Zero, everyone was surprised to see Belial possessing Zero as Zero Darkness. After Belial as Zero Darkness kills all of the Ultimate Force Zero, he invited the Darkness Five to rule the universe alongside him. However, was stopped by Zero as the young Ultra expelled the dark Ultra from his body which caused the Darkness Five members to retreat and teleport to a different location. Afterwards, all of them joined the revived Belial in a mission to conquer the universe. Awakening of Zero

Ultraman Geed

Prior to the series, all members of the Darkness Five participated in the Omega Armageddon alongside Kei, Belial and his new army, the Terror The Belial against the Ultra Warriors which held the fate of the universe at stake. Ultraman Geed



  • Monsters: The Darkness Five use two monsters for their plans, Tyrant and Beacon.


Ultra Zero Fight

Ultraman Retsuden

Ultraman Geed


  • All the members' eye color has changed to red. The exception is Alien Temperor Villainous whose race already had red eyes.
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