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Dark Ultraman (ดาร์ค อุลตร้าแมน Dār̒kh xultr̂āmæn) was one of the Ultras created by Chaiyo Productions for Project Ultraman.

Once a righteous warrior by the name of Ultraman Zoul (อุลตร้าแมนโซล Xultr̂āmæn sol), it is unclear what made him fall into darkness. He takes on the human guise of Nolan and infiltrates BASE 64 to accomplish his mission of hunting down Ultraman Millennium.


A former Ultra Warrior with a rich fighting history and a good heart, he has since turned to the darkness. Approaching his mission with a solemn attitude[1], Dark Ultraman cares not for the deaths he causes along the way, truly a terrifying force of chaos. However, his encounter with Millennium and Neil and seeing their justice unfold starts to remind him of his past self, and causes his radical thoughts to change gradually.[2]


Take note that Project Ultraman and the live shows follow different storylines and are separate continuities.

Project Ultraman

Due to the scarcity of resources available, inferences will be made from various sources to construct this section.

Once a comrade to the Father of Ultra, the two fought in the frontlines during the great war, and together they vanquished the monster army that ravaged the Land of Light. As years passed, he would meddle with the dark energies of the universe, and eventually Zoul took on the form of Dark Ultraman.[2] He would gain notoriety for his malicious acts across the cosmos, and would eventually be exiled from the Land of Light for his crimes.

When Millennium, a young officer from the Inter Galactic Defense Force, was tackling the unidentified organism Maryway on its course towards Earth, Dark Ultraman appeared out of nowhere and sent all three of them crashing into the planet, making him responsible for the event that wiped out most of human civilization.

Fifteen years later, he reappeared in front of Neil, the human host for a dormant Millennium, in the World Carnival under the human disguise of Nolan, and presumably summoned an alien monster that triggered the young man's transformation into the giant of light. Afterwards, he would infiltrate the Earth Defense Force's Secret Service division to settle his score with Millennium, who joined BASE 64 under the same organization, and he would both openly and discreetly interfere with Millennium's fights against the alien monsters (it should be noted that other articles tell another story, that both Neil and Nolan were imprisoned in maximum-security cells by the Earth Defense Force after their battle, and that Ekin/Elite was sent to control them both).

Along the way, he would learn about Project Ultraman in the highly-guarded BASE 64, and through his encounters with Millennium and Neil, he would eventually have a change of heart that would have resulted in him siding with them (alongside Ultraman Elite) to stop S' plans from coming to fruition.

Ultraman Millennium Live Show in Bangkok

In this live show, Dark Ultraman has a similar backstory to his Project Ultraman counterpart.

Forty thousand years ago, Ultraman Zoul, the best friend of the Father of Ultra who he had trusted the most and had once fought together with during the great wars, defended an ancient Earth against the invasion of the sinister Alien Baltan. Shortly thereafter, he became a being of darkness through unknown means, and wreaked havoc across the galaxy, which forced the Father of Ultra to use an ultimate power to seal his former comrade in the Dimensional Tomb, which he sent away into the depths of space in the hopes that he would someday return as a warrior of light again.

A myriad of time after, the Dimensional Tomb approaches close to Earth, which the Inter Galactic Defense Force had predicted a decade earlier. Once it breaks up in the atmosphere and crash lands on the planet as seven pieces, the attack team AET and Earth's militaries begin their assault on the monsters spawned from the tomb, with the help of the Ultra Brothers.

Their last opponent is Dark Ultraman himself, who the Ultra Brothers face difficulty fighting. After an arduous battle, they manage to defeat the once righteous warrior and were about to send him off into the afterlife. However, the Alien Baltan, who had eaten away at Zoul's soul and were responsible for his descent into darkness, emerged from his body as a massive entity who then defeated the Ultra Brothers swiftly. Crucifying them using pieces of the tomb, the alien threatened to have them drift aimlessly through space for all eternity, before Millennium arrived and took him down.

Surprisingly, it is revealed that the Alien Baltan were playing right into Dark Ultraman's hands, and that he was the true mastermind all along. Nevertheless, he eventually lost to Millennium in battle, but with the Dimensional Tomb lost, he was set free again, departing for parts unknown.

Ultraman Thailand Tour

In this live show, he presumably took on the role of an anti-hero and teamed up with Millennium to stop the Ultra Brothers, who had unwillingly turned on their comrades due to the villains' influence on the weakening Ultra Force.[3][4]

Ultraman Live Show 4D

Dark Ultraman returns as a hero in this live show, and is sent to Earth with the Ultra Brothers under the command of the Father of Ultra and the Mother of Ultra, to prevent the monster Elubo from wiping out humankind.

Shortly after Millennium is defeated by a strengthened Elubo, Dark Ultraman shows up to face the monster himself, and is soon joined by a revived Millennium to enact their plan, to create a new lifeform by fusing the pure soul energy of the Ultra Warriors with that of Elubo's. At a critical moment, the duo manages to restrain the monster, and the Ultra Brothers direct their soul energy into Elubo, which gives birth to a new Ultra Warrior: Ultraman Elite.

Now faced with an equal, Elubo is overwhelmed by the combined might of the three Ultras, who then convince him to recall his forces citing the fact that humanity has learned from this ordeal. Elubo leaves, but not before promising to return if mankind repeats the same mistakes again, and Dark Ultraman, alongside the rest of the Ultra Warriors, depart for Nebula M78 soon after.



  • Height: 45 m
  • Weight: 45,000 t
  • Age: 70,000 years old

Body Features

  • Eyes: Red eyes reflecting his evil nature.
  • Color Timer: Dark Ultraman possesses a Color Timer, flat in shape.
  • Body Armor: His chest markings are like soft body armor.[1]
  • Power Panels: Black flaps linked from both ears that extend to his shoulders, said to be a former display of his pride and dignity.[1] They function as power panels meant to absorb light, hence he is notoriously known as the Ultra-Light Absorber (ชาวอุลตร้าผู้ดูดกลืนแสงสว่าง).[5]

Human Form

In Project Ultraman, Dark Ultraman's human form Nolan was played by Ray MacDonald. His transformation item would have been a Beta Capsule-like device which bore the same colors as his Ultra form. However, in the live shows, he was portrayed without a human form or host.


  • Corona Extinction (コロナエクスティンクション Korona Ekusutinkushon)[1][6]: His ultimate beam fired from palms placed together.
  • Nebula Explosion (ネビュラエクスプロージョン Nebyura Ekusupurōjon)[1][6]
  • Spiral Stardust (スパイラルスターダスト Supairaru Sutādasuto)[1][6]



  • Like Millennium, Dark Ultraman is said to hold many hidden talents.[1]
  • Dark Ultraman's suit is a two-piece suit, similar to Ultraman Ace's first suit in his show.
  • Dark Ultraman's descent into darkness is said to be inspired by Buddhist beliefs, particularly that of resisting temptation.[7]


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