The Dark Spark War (ダークスパークウォーズ Dāku Supāku Uōzu) was a war that occured prior to the events of Ultraman Ginga.


Pre-Ultraman Ginga

The Dark Spark War was a conflict that raged between the sides of good and evil, as represented by the competitors, the Ultramen, monster and evil aliens seen in various universes. The war was multidimensional, with Ultras, monsters and evil aliens coming from various different universes.

The Ultras, monsters and aliens were matched in battle but during the midst of the battle an unknown dark figure turned them all into figures known as Spark Dolls (スパークドール Supāku Dōru) some of which fell to Earth in the area that came to be known as Starry City. In response to this the Ultraman known as Ginga, who had never been seen before, tried to stop him from seizing the power of the Spark Dolls. The battle was unseen, but it was clear that Ginga lost, but somehow his Spark Doll was hidden within the Ginga Spark and it fell to Earth, perhaps even taking the other Spark Dolls with it.

Of the Spark Dolls, most of the monsters and aliens remain in the dark figure's collection but one doll Taro, which was on Earth somehow maintained his sentience and limited use of his psychic abilities.

After Dark Lugiel's defeat, all of the Spark Dolls are presumed to be restored back to their original forms and departed home.

NOTE: While the appearance of the Spark Dolls does signify each combatant's presence in the Dark Spark War, this does not include Dolls that have appeared in the second Ginga movie special or Ultraman Ginga S.

Ultras and Their Allies




The Dark side






  • The Dark Spark War is similar to the Rider War from Kamen Rider Decade, the Legend War from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, and the Mega War from Power Rangers Super Megaforce.
  • Only Spark Dolls that appeared in the first Ginga series and movie are confirmed to have fought in the Dark Spark War. Spark Dolls from the second movie did not because the events of the movie were a dream sequence and the origins of the Spark Dolls in the second series are unconfirmed.
  • The reason why two Ultraman Taros can be seen, that they may be using another suit, or reusing the same suit, to fill up space.
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