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The Dark Ring (ダークリング Dāku Ringu) is the dark counterpart of Ultraman Orb's Orb Ring, used by Jugglus Juggler and later on by Murnau. Being a dark variation, it is only used by individuals with darker hearts.


Ultraman Orb Chronicle

Chapter 3 " The Man Who Stole The Black Hole " arc

When Gai obtained the Orb Ring on the Crusader's Peak of Planet O-50, Juggler was jealous of Gai. Slamming his fists into the ground, the area was covered by a shadow from a ring of light, the Dark Ring appeared. Juggler took the ring, and chased Gai to Earth.

Chapter 4 "Fierce Battle! Ishtal Civilization" arc

Juggler appears in Ishtal Civilization, posing as a figure to the religion named Magacizm, first used to Dark Ring to collect the Kaiju Card of Dodongo which Orb defeated earlier and later used it to summon Magatanothor and obtained its Kaiju Card after its defeat by Orb.

Chapter 5 "From Rulsaka With Love" arc

Juggler has used the Dark Ring to harvest the cards of Kingsaurus II, C.O.V. and Pris-Ma from their defeat by Orb in order to use them to awaken Maga-Zetton. Juggler then used the Dark Ring to obtain its Kaiju Card.

Chapter 6: 'The Wandering Sun'

Episode 6-0: 'Overture'

108 years later in 2016, he harvested Peguila's card in the North Artic to awaken Maga-Basser in Japan.

Ultraman Orb
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A device that was used by Jugglus Juggler as a counteract to the Orb Ring, he used it to awaken Lord Monsters and harvest their cards upon defeat by Ultraman Orb. Using the six Lord Monster cards, he summoned the egg of Maga-Orochi and used the card of Ultraman Belial to destroy Zoffy's cards and unleash the monster in its rampaging spree.

Following the monster's destruction, Juggler used the Dark Ring for the last time to create Zeppandon. After said combination the Dark Ring dissipated into a purple substance and vanished into thin air, further adding insult to his defeat.

Chapter 7: 'Space Witch Murnau's Counterattack, Sadeath's Return'

"This thing...only falls into the most evil hearted creature."

―Jugglus Juggler
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The Dark Ring (either the original one or another similar device) ended up in Murnau's possession, and that helped her to turn everything she fancied upon into space jewels. Using this she also sealed up Ultra Warriors Ginga and Victory, and summoned Darebolic. The Dark Ring's fate is unknown when Juggler sent it into a wormhole with his katana.



  • Card Launch: The original purpose of the Dark Ring is to launch scanned Kaiju Cards to negate the sealing properties of an Ultra Fusion Card by creating a sunspot-like essence that block their powers. Once the Fusion Card is fully blocked, the slumbered Lord Monster will be awakened. This can also be done with Ultra Fusion Cards, but instead of negating an Ultra Fusion Card's sealing property, it completely removes the effect by destroying them.
  • Kaiju Card Harvesting: The Dark Ring is capable of harvesting Kaiju Cards upon an Ultra Kaiju's defeat by absorbing their remains. Juggler had used it to harvest regular Kaiju cards that Orb defeated as well as Lord Monsters cards to revive Maga-Orochi. It apparently involves reversing the monster's time of destruction.
  • Kaiju Summoning: The Dark Ring is capable of summoning any Kaiju while a Kaiju Card is scanned. In Stageshows, however, it can summon the Kaiju at will.
  • Kaiju Fusion: A function similar to the Orb Ring, it is capable of fusing Kaiju, such as when Zeppandon was created.
  • Empowerment: The Dark Ring is able to make Murnau's crystallizing breath even more powerful so that she is able to capture giant beings like Ultras.
  • Power Channel: Murnau used the dimension-manipulating power of Bullton via scanning its Kaiju Card.
  • Kaiju Summoning: Murnau somehow summoned Darebolic despite not having scanned its card. She also summoned an Alien Temperor, an Alien Hipporit, and an Alien Guts after scanning their cards.


Ultraman Orb

Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!



  • The Dark Ring's sounds are distorted versions of the Orb Ring's.
  • The Dark Ring is based on the Dark Spark, another dark-replica of an item that was used by the protagonists. In real life, their products are also sold within Premium Bandai releases (sold within limited numbers as collector's edition) and said item has voices of the antagonists within the series.
  • In a random Ultraman Orb stageshow, an Alien Magma was shown with the Dark Ring.
  • Being a device that is aimed for darker heart individuals, the Dark Ring has no problems utilizing a dark Ultra Warrior's card, as shown when Belial was used as a live bullet whereas Gai struggled to use it on the Orb Ring until his rage granted the permission to do so.
  • Just like the DX Orb Ring, the Dark Ring can take multiple card scans like Taro and Mebius Inifinty.
    • Performing Fusion Ups in this Device, does not affect any Fusion ups background song.
  • In the toy catalog, there are extra implemented sounds that the Orb Ring didn't have:
    • Scanning Ultraman Belial Card, along with six Lord Monster Cards, will announced Maga-Orochi's roar.
    • The Orb Ring has missing kaiju roars, but the Dark Ring has the missed kaiju roars, example of this is Pandon.
    • The Zeppandon fusion is different from the Orb Ring, as Juggler says "Cho Gattai" and the transformation sequences plays a rock version of Juggler's theme, Juggler again says "Zeppandon" after the fusion is complete.
    • The Dark Ring was the only way to get Magatanothor card. You can get Magatanothor when playing Fusion Fight as a random card drop, or from card packs.
    • The six Lord Monsters all have unique attack sounds, but the Dark Ring holds a unique attack sound for Pandon, unknown why this is.
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