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Dark Monster Spit out the Stars! (鮟鱇怪獣 星を吐き出け! Ankoū Kaijū Sei wo Hakidake) the twenty-third episode of Return of Ultraman.


During a solar eclipse that can be seen over Tokyo, a woman comes to Go and Oka who were watching the eclipse. She tells them a terrible event is going to happen soon. She then points out that the Stars of the Big Dipper are gone. Later that night a meteorite falls to earth. Go asks to go investigate and when he gets there the monster Zanika appears. It is determined that the monster is from one of the Stars of the Constellation of Cancer. And it is revealed to have escaped from a Dark Mass called Vaccumom that has swallowed the monster's home planet as well the Stars of the Big Dipper. And even now its continuing to devaore the rest of the cancer constellation. The Dark Mass is on its way to earth meaning it's the end of humanity. The women that told Go and Oka about the event is a fortune teller but has started to loose her powers as told by her father. Oka goes to see her but when she gets to her home, the woman starts freaking out saying "cancer is my star, it's destroying my home", seemingly she is channeling the emotions of Zanika. At the same time Zanika reacts Everytime a star of cancer is swallowed, getting weaker. MAT attacks the monster but even though getting weaker by the second it still puts up a tough battle to where Go transforms into Ultraman Jack. After a small fight, the Jack then realize that Zanika isn't the problem, it's just a victim of Vaccumom. Jack then heads into space and goes inside the Dark Mass and it able to destroy it with the Ultra Bracelet. He heads back to earth and Zanika thanks Jack and heads back to to space and his home planet. The Stars of Cancer and the Big Dipper return to the night sky.






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  • Return of Ultraman Volume 6 features Episodes 21-24.
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