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Dark Lucifer (ダークルシフェル Dāku Rushiferu) is the final Dark Ultra to be created by Dark Zagi, appearing in 2012, three years after his master's death.

Subtitle: Giant of Darkness (闇の巨人 Yami no Kyojin)



His name was taken from a religious figure that appears in Christianity, who is commonly associated with Satan.


While not having a suit, Dark Lucifer's design was made by Yasushi Torisawa. This giant has the combined aspects of all major antagonists that appeared in the Ultra N Project:


Ultraman Nexus TV COMPLETE DVD-BOX: Second Coming - Dreams -

It had been three years since Dark Zagi's destruction. Kazuki Komon had been appointed the leader of Japan's Night Raider branch. One day, strange cases occurred where several people claimed to have lost their memories regarding Space Beasts. Komon and Nagi found the perpetrator to be a member of the Memory Police, who soon revealed himself to be a dark giant called Dark Lucifer. Once more reunited with Ultraman Noa, Komon and Nagi faced this new threat.

Original Planning

Dark Lucifer was actually meant to be the final antagonist of Ultraman Nexus but due to the series' low viewership, Zagi was instead the final boss. He was originally meant to be the revived form of Zagi, but is instead a final creation thanks to the novel.

Impact on later years of the Ultraman Series

  • Ultraman Mebius (2006): Designer Hiroshi Maruyama used Dark Lucifer's aspects in creating Ultraman Hikari and his Arb Gear alter-ego, Hunter Knight Tsurugi.
  • Ultraman Saga (2012): Dark Lucifer was originally planned to be the main antagonist but in a similar case to Nexus, he was scrapped.



The Memoraser he wielded also double as his transformation item.


  • Memory Erasure: Dark Lucifer can erase memories of certain people regarding their encounter with Space Beasts. This was in fact his predation method to consume their fears in a similar manner to Space Beasts though this method is done without any bloodshed.
  • Possession: Like his predecessors, Dark Lucifer could possess any individual he desired, in his case a Memory Police officer.
  • Powers of Other Dark Giants: It is implied that Dark Lucifer possess similar powers to his master and of the other Dark Giants.


  • His only appearance is in the novel, thus classifying him as a novel-exclusive Ultraman. His appearance in the year 2012 is also the same year where Ultraman Nexus TV COMPLETE DVD-BOX was published.
  • His three faces could also be a reference to Satan's appearance in the Divine Comedy, where he is described having three faces.
  • His Modus Operandi, which involves possessing a Memory Police officer, is similar to that of Dark Mephisto (Zwei).
  • Unlike other Dark Giants, Lucifer's feet possess visible toes and has claw protrusions on his fingers. In contrast to his siblings, he is the only one classified as only a "Giant of Darkness".
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