Dark Alien Army (闇の宇宙人軍団 Yami no Uchūjin Gundan) is a faction that appeared in Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds!.[1]


Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds!

The Dark Alien Army is a group of aliens formed under their leader Mulnau, that serves as the antagonists in Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds.

After SSP found the X Devizer (with X trapped inside), four of the members of the Dark Alien Army engaged them in combat. Just then Gai Kurenai appeared, in his vacation outfit, and fought off the attackers. In search of Daichi Ozora, Gai brought the X Devizer to Mulnau's castle, which was a trap and was soon captured and brought before Mulnau.

During SSP's break-in on the castle they stumbled upon Juggler, whom helped them defeat two members of the Army. There were many other alien members scattered throughout Mulnau's castle where they each performed servant-like tasks.

At the climax of the movie, Mulnau sent Alien Guts Doppel, Alien Hipporito Callisto, and Alien Temperor Batista in their giant forms to assist Sadeath and Deavorick.

The group was seemingly disbanded after the death of Mulnau at the end of the movie.




  • Of all the members, Alien Gapiya, Garmes Man and Alien Kukaratch are the only aliens to make their debut in the movie.
    • It is also known that Sadeath is the only alien voiced by veteran voice actors, whereas other characters are voiced by newcomers and/or guest voice actors.


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