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Darebolic (デアボリック Deaborikku)[1] is a Kaiju that first appeared in Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!.


  • Darebolic: Strange Mechanical Monster (奇機械怪獣 Kikikai Kaiju)
  • MB: Monster Bomb (怪獣爆弾 Kaijū Bakudan)


Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!

Darebolic was created by Murnau via her Dark Ring, which she used to cause mayhem and chaos throughout the city and then turn all of it into a jewel and kept doing so until Ultraman Orb in his Spacium Zeperion form and Ultraman X showed up to fight him. During their first fight, Darebolic unleashed all of his weaponry on the Ultras, they defended themselves with the Sparion Shield then deflected them. While the Kaiju held his own against the two, Orb and X ultimately held the upper hand against Darebolic with their teamwork in combat and agility and would have destroyed him with their Sparion Beam and Xanadium Beam respectively if Alien Gapiya Sadis had not stepped in and interfered. Darebolic then overpowered and defeated X while Sadis kept Orb while the latter was in his Thunder Breastar form. Darebolic then prepared to turn Ultraman Orb into a jewel, but X took the attack for him and got turned into a jewel in the process.

Darebolic then continued his rampage alongside Sadis, but they would soon confront Ultraman Orb again, only this time in his new Orb Trinity form. After he seemingly destroyed Sedeath with his Trinitium Break, Darebolic would have had to fight Orb on his own, but Murnau sent Alien Temperor Batista and Alien Hipporit Callisto to help out the kaiju. All three of them gave Orb a hard time in combat even though Orb did his best, but then Zeppandon showed up, this time to help out the Ultraman. While the aliens were being dealt with, Orb struck a major blow at Darebolic with his Trinitium Straight, but he soon recovered and joined Batista and Callisto in ganging up and beating up Orb.

Just as things seemed bleak, Jugglus Juggler used his powers to cast away the Dark Ring, which resulted in the Ultra Warriors Ginga, Victory, and X being freed from being space jewels after they unleashed energy blasts at the trio. After being joined by Alien Guts Doppel, the alien army launched their attacks on the Ultras, who deflected and dodged the attacks and Darebolic went back to fighting Orb. As the fight raged on, the two giants were evenly matched with each other in terms of combat and techniques.

Later on, Sadis restored himself and targeted Orb with Darebolic's built-in cannon, and managed to defeat him again even when Orb his Trinitium Shield to protect himself from the attack until Ultraseven arrived and used his Eye Slugger to power through the attack and separated Seadeath and Darebolic's docking. While Seven dealt with the Gapiya, Orb struck Darebolic with his EX Red King Knuckle and Gomora Armor claw gauntlet, both of which dealt effective strikes. Orb then fired his Trinitium Shoot at Darebolic and Sadis, but they deflected the attack and threw it away, only for the attack to shoot down Murnau's floating castle, resulting in it crashing and burning to the ground, with her in it.

Darebolic then decided to fight Ultraseven but was proven to be no match for him due to his expertise and experience in combat. Eventually, the two decided to use the Final Boost Charge one last time, only for it to be overwhelmed by the Trinitium Giga Slash and had the two of them sliced in half, putting an end to both of them for good.


  • Darebolic's roar is a modified Rodan roar.

Ultraman Taiga


Darebolic (MB) (デアボリック(MB) Deaborikku (Emu Bī)) is a monster sealed inside a bomb. Should it explode, Darebolic would be released. It was acquired by Alien Zetton Zolin of the Villain Guild from Alien Markind to sell it off for money. The Villain Guild made a video recording that the police somehow got a hold of, to ransom the public into depositing 10 million dollars into their account or the bomb explodes. Just three hours before the scheduled explosion, the police had Inspector Sakura hand it over to EGIS to deal with it, dispatching Homare Soya and Hiroyuki Kudo for the job. Homare finds out from the Fanton that it had been stolen during transportation.

The monster bomb was set up in a city, where it emerged from an explosion that destroyed the building Hiroyuki and Homare were in after being captured. Breaking free of the chains that bound him to a chair, Hiroyuki transformed into Ultraman Taiga to do battle, but he was overwhelmed. Volk, a figure from Homare's past who joined and then betrayed the Villain Guild, gives Homare a pendant that contained the light of Ultraman Fuma, who then appears and swaps with Taiga. Fuma's speed gave him the advantage over Darebolic and easily dealt with the monster using numerous energy attacks, and finally putting an end to the battle by using the Ginga-let's Seven Stars Light Wave Shuriken.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Darebolic Trigger.png

Darebolic was summoned to the Earth by the Absolutians, Absolute Tartarus and Absolute Diavolo. It emerged through a golden portal and began rampaging, destroying everything in sight even as the GUTS Falcon attacked it. Ultraman Trigger appeared and fought the monster, but was hurt on the shoulder by a gunshot. He then transformed into Glitter Trigger Eternity despite being aware of the risks and attacked Darebolic relentlessly, slicing it in half with the Eternity Zerades. The Golden Threat


Deavorick Render Profile.png

  • Height: 60 m
  • Weight: 60,000 t
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Body Cannon: Darebolic's upper body is mounted with dozens of cannons that shoot three types of projectiles - blue bolts, red angular ones, and homing missiles.
  • Armor: Darebolic's body is covered with metallic hide and is resilient to most attacks.
  • Assault Arm (アサルトアーム Asaruto Āmu): A massive machinegun on its left arm.[2]
  • Gem Arm (ジェムアーム Jemu Āmu): A cannon/claw on its right arm.
    • Energy Cannon: A red beam fired from the right arm.
      • Jewelic Blaze (ジュエリックブレーズ Juerikku Burēzu): The Darebolic modified by Murnau could transform its targets into jewelry with said attack. This ability was granted through the Dark Ring, and can no longer be used if the object is sealed or destroyed. All objects turned into jewels will also revert back to normal.
  • Tail: Darebolic's metallic tail is strong enough to knockback an Ultra.
  • Darebolic Cannon (デアボリックキャノン Deaborikku Kyanon): By docking to Sadis, Darebolic can utilize a hidden cannon in its mouth that launches an extremely powerful energy beam. It is powerful enough to break through Orb's Trinitium Shield. An empowered variant called Final Boost Charge (ファイナルブーストチャッジ Fainaru Būsuto Chajji) by Sadis, was used as a final effort to defeat Orb and Seven.
Ultraman Taiga
  • Explosion Summon: The Monster Bomb variant of Darebolic is summoned via the explosion of a bomb.


Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga



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