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Dancan (ダンカン Dankan)[1][2] was a foam-like Kaiju in Ultraseven.

Subtitle: Foaming Monster (発泡怪獣 Happō Kaijū)



Dancan was an alien foam creature that hailed from an unknown world. Dancan came to Earth with the intent of finding a new home. Dancan, being aggressive towards the UG, used his technology to move an entire city to a forest area. He captured Dan and Soga, but they would later attempt to cease his operations on Earth. Later, Dancan tried to use them as hostage and force the people of Earth to accept his stay on their planet. The UG thus considered him to be a threat and they began searching for his base. Dan, who by now was under Dancan's control, was ordered to transform. Dancan then ordered Ultraseven to attack the Ultra Guard when they came close to finding him. As Furuhashi was still investigating, he came across Dancan and his machines. He attacked Dancan and destroyed the machines. Ultraseven was free, now. Dancan transformed into his alien self. After fighting Ultraseven, Dancan soon realized that he stood little of a chance against him and decided to retreat. Ultraseven chased him until, Dancan sneak attacked Ultraseven. As Dancan tried to run again, Ultraseven shot the Emerium Beam, killing the Kaiju and dissolving it into foam. After Dancan's defeat, the people of the city were no longer under his mind control or turned frozen, thus reversing his effects. The Vanishing City


  • Despite his aggressive behavior, Dancan only wanted to stay on Earth to take refuge from Space Storms. However his overly aggressive behavior and actions forced the Ultra Guard to see him as an invader.
  • Dancan

    Dancan was one of the monsters and aliens that made up Belyudra's left arm in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie.
  • Dancan's human form is played by Masahiro Yoshihara.

Ultraman Taro

Dancan as part of the Monster Army

Dancan was one of the monsters were as part of the Monster Army lead by Alien Empera in the Ultimate Wars. Burn On! The Six Ultra Brothers

Sevenger Fight

Dancan being chased by Sevenger in Sevenger Fight.

Dancan appeared in episode 4 of Sevenger Fight.

Hailing from outer space, Dancan arrived on Earth and marched its way to the city with a stolen missile in its mouth. Haruki in Sevenger was dispatched to capture the monster, who kept Sevenger and Haruki on their toes by running around in circles, forcing the machine to give chase. After Haruki wrenched the missile out of Dancan's mouth, the monster became agitated, and grabbed Sevenger's arm in his jaws. Haruki then had Sevenger calm Dancan down, then began tickling the creature, who found this so amusing that he began firing foam, comedically represented by an aerosol can being shot from just outside the frame. Sevenger promptly ran out of power, but Dancan was captured and put under GAF's observation afterwards.Operation: Dancan Capture!


  • According to Ultraman Z Perfect Super Complete Works, Dancan's appearance in Sevenger Fight serves its purpose by connecting loose ends in regards to Utroid Zero's absorption of monsters in Ultraman Z. This Dancan and the one absorbed by said robot are the same person.

Ultraman Z

After being recaptured by STORAGE prior to the series, Dancan was one of the monsters who was absorbed by Ultroid Zero under Celebro's control. His energy and genetic information was harvested by the machine to be used in the creation of Destrudos, with his DNA manifesting as Destrudos's upper legs. The Game to Extinction


  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 15,000 t
  • Origin: Outer space
Powers and Weapons
  • Human Disguise: Dancan can disguise himself as a human. If this disguise is destroyed he will turn into his true form using acidic foam.
  • Shapeshifting: Dancan can transform into a strange foam, his true form, and reconfigure his body. In foam form he can also traverse short distances in almost teleportation like speedsand is used as the area Dancan wants to place teleported objects and freeze teleported humans in place until he is dead.
  • Teleportation Technology: Dancan used technology in his control room to teleport entire cities to any destination.
  • Eye Screen: Dancan can use the eyes of the people he freezes in place as his cameras that will transmit their sight to a special screen. This also allows him to hypnotize Ultras.




Sevenger Fight



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