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"Dan Moroboshi" (諸星モロボシ ダン Moroboshi Dan), or Agent No. 340, is the no-nonsense and sometimes direct member of the new SSSP. He is an agent who reports directly to the organization’s leader and the wearer of the Seven Suit.



NOTE: Due to there being several differences between the manga and anime adaptation, the History section has been split into two tabs.


A long time ago, Dan Moroboshi and his brother Rei were normal alien children whose parents were interstellar diplomats. Their parents were killed by terrorists as a warning, and Rei was kidnapped. Dan could do nothing but hide and watch in terror.

The Alien City

The man known as "Dan Moroboshi" is an alien of unknown origin who had immigrated to Earth years prior. An agent of the SSSP, Moroboshi has been working for the organization for an unknown number of years. He is first introduced during detectives Endo and Kurata's investigation of an impossible murder. He later reports to Ide and Edo as they are watching footage of Shinjiro. Moroboshi voiced his dislike of the young man, and how saw him as "someone who didn't know they were fighting for". Later Moroboshi was leading an extermination team to put down an alien serial killer and called Edo to request permission to proceed. To his annoyance the Zettonian ordered his men to stand down and let Shinjiro put down the criminal.

Upon Shinjiro's arrival Moroboshi treated him with blunt callousness and ordered him to fight the alien in an impolite manner. As the battle between Shinjiro and the alien began in the warehouse, outside Moroboshi voiced his doubts in Shinjiro's abilities. When he saw the Spacium Beam punch a hole in the roof and alien escaping, he saw his belief confirmed but was quickly alarmed to see Shinjiro chasing after him. He called Edo, telling him that the pair were heading downtown into public view and was surprised when the alien ordered him to stand down and how it was one of the SSSP's goals to eventually reveal the presence of aliens to mankind. Later on Moroboshi was in a SSSP covert truck pondering Edo's intentions as he was being driven to the scene of Shinjiro's battle. After the battle Moroboshi and his team watched the aftermath from a rooftops with Moroboshi declaring to his team it was time to clean up the mess.

Some time after the battle Moroboshi found Shinjiro upset over the fact that he had killed something, something he had never done before in his life. Moroboshi told him that as 'Ultraman' he could not escape the fact that he had to eliminate any enemy that appeared before him. Also he confirmed Shinjiro's off statement of no loner being able to back out as he stated Edo would not allow it. Moroboshi took Shinjiro to a special building, after passing a few security points they came to city that seemed to be inside the building itself. This city was where the alien immigrants on Earth stayed.

Moroboshi took Shinjiro to a gambling ring where a boxing match was going on, there Jiro first saw their informant, the only human living in the city: Jack. After the match the two spoke with Jack about their case, the information broker pointed out that it seemed unlikely any of the aliens were responsible for this, save one race and that was unlikely. Moroboshi left Jack and Shinjiro to see the other informants, but they all came to similar conclusions. While reporting to Edo, Moroboshi watched in surprise as Shinjiro flew past him and into a stall, having thrown there by the alien, Red.

Moroboshi ended the fight and take Shinjiro back out of the city, where he revealed his disdain in Jiro and his unwillingness to do what he saw was necessary. He also stated that Shinjiro was not the only one who could become Ultraman.

Ultraman Suit 7

He later accompanied Shinjiro on a mission with an extermination team, when going after a petty criminal crook and killer. Moroboshi had devised that he and his team would be perfect to draw him out and they did, allowing Shinjiro to capture him easily. However to his disappointment, Shinjiro showed the criminal mercy when the alien begged for his life. When he confronted Shinjiro about it later his response was to throw his helmet inches away from his head in anger and annoyance.

Moroboshi later listened with Edo and Ide as two policemen attempted to lure the alien serial killer. While Ide and Moroboshi believed they were in over their heads, Edo complimented them on their forethought and ordered Moroboshi to go out.

Moroboshi appeared to save the two officers from the alien attacker, forcing the criminal out of the apartment and mocking him by calling him 'alien Hoodlum'. When the attacker asked his name Moroboshi introduced himself as 'Dan Moroboshi' as he equipped his helmet. Moroboshi's suit allowed him to take down the enemy and he returned to base to meet Shin and Shinjiro who had just arrived to answer Ide's call.

Some time later he was with Edo and Ide as Shinjiro was lured into a confrontation with Red to force his choice in being Ultraman. He watched the monitors silently in his Ultraman suit and was present with Shin entered the room saying the Ultraman Project would be shut down if Shinjiro would not comply. Fortunately, Shinjiro learned to fly under his own power, passing their test.

The Igaru Prince

Shinjiro met up with Moroboshi while being sortied on their next mission and questioned his violent methods. Their conversation took a tense turn when Moroboshi once more brought up that Shinjiro wasn't the only one who could become Ultraman. Nevertheless, they had to sortie for their next mission, which was at Rena Sayama's concert. Donning their Ultraman suits, the two waited on the roof until their target showed up, fighting Agent Adad while interrupting the concert. Struggling against him, the situation was made even worse when Bemular appeared, challenging Shinjiro, but told him that he was "about to become Ultraman", confusing him even more. When Rena interrupted their battle, Adad took the chance to hold her at knifepoint, prompting Alien Igaru to appear and transform into his true form. Now that his target had appeared, Adad stopped the battle to expose his crimes to the public. Shinjiro wanted to attack them, but Moroboshi stopped him and said that he wants to listen to his explanation while Bemular leaves. The two Ultramen are ordered to take their leave after Adad introduces himself as an agent for the Star Cluster Alliance. In the aftermath, Moroboshi explained Igaru's circumstances on Earth to Shinjiro.

Arriving at an empty train station, Shinjiro and Moroboshi encountered a decapitated monster, who had been killed by Seiji Hokuto. He revealed his identity to the two Ultramen and asked to join the SSSP. Moroboshi, Ide and Edo interrogated Seiji but didn't let him join the SSSP yet. Having been caught extorting a man, Shinjiro was sent to deal with Seiji but Moroboshi interrupted their fight, defeating him. Before Seiji left, Moroboshi revealed to Shinjiro that he was not a human and that he would kill anyone if they were marked for extermination.

The Ace Killer Squad

The SSSP interrogate Yapool, finding the location of the Ace Killer Squad. Shinjiro was told to stay back while Moroboshi sneaked into their mansion hideout using a cloak, and found a storage for bodies with barcodes on them. He realized too late that it was rigged to explode, and was severely injuried Moroboshi. The Ace Killer Squad appears, ambushing them. Ace Killer repeatedly shoots Shinjiro and has Alien Nepenthes bind them to lure out Seiji, who appears shortly. Shinjiro's Ultraman suit is damaged in the process. Seiji is unable to keep up with Ace Killer but manages to free Shinjiro and Moroboshi. After dealing with the henchmen, Moroboshi is escorted off the battlefield by Jack.

After the battle, Moroboshi was under care and demanded the upgrades to his suit be accelerated. He started having dreams of his childhood, which made him think he was becoming mentally weak.

Battle of New York

After the Star of Darkness make their presence known, Moroboshi goes to New York where they were operating, and learns that his long-lost brother was among them. Moroboshi arrived just in time to deal with the Golden Fortress using his new weapons, single-handedly destroying the giant robot. With the Golden Fortress out of the way, the Ultramen found themselves fighting against the Star of Darkness. Moroboshi went after his "brother" and learned that it was simply his body being used by another person. With no more reason to hesitate, he swiftly decapitated the terrorist to preserve what was left of Rei's dignity. Later on, he sliced in half Rei's kidnapper, a brutish alien Jack and Red were fighting, who was also among the terrorists.

Dan Moroboshi first sees Shinjiro wearing the Ultraman Suit out on a mission. Upon seeing him work, Moroboshi immediately states that he probably would not get along well with him. Nevertheless, Shinjiro is sent to help Dan and his squad take down a target in a warehouse. Being Ultraman Isn't Bad Seeing Shinjiro's incompetence in dealing with the alien, Moroboshi gets frustrated. He and his squad also follow the Adacic and Shinjiro into the city where they fought, with Moroboshi's team observing from a rooftop. Release the Limiter!

After investigating a strange murder, Moroboshi gets Shinjiro to follow him into an alley which somehow brings them into a city, to look for an informant. Moroboshi explains that this city is populated with aliens, confusing Shinjiro. Nevertheless, they stick to their objective and manage to find Jack wrestling in a gambling den. After his match, he tells Moroboshi and Shinjiro about the recent serial killings. Jack gets to know Shinjiro after Morobhoshi leaves, until Black King, Jack's opponent from earlier, arrives to cut off their conversation by strangling Shinjiro. Fortunately, Moroboshi returns and scares the beast off. Leaving the city, Shinjiro asks Moroboshi why he was brought there, to which he explains that he was ordered to. Moroboshi also states that he doesn't like Shinjiro, leaving the boy shaken while he walks off. City of Aliens

Shinjiro later helps Dan and his squad deal with Alien Robuton, but is unable to kill it after it disguises as Rena Sayama. Instead, he allows the SSSP to arrest it. Dan once again scolds Shinjiro for his attitude, which has him doubting his powers. Secretly observing Endo and Kurata set up a trap for the murderer, Moroboshi arrived on the scene just in time to rescue them from Alien Bris, fighting him using the new Seven suit. After a short fight, Moroboshi cut off the alien's left arm before executing it, shocking Shinjiro, who had just arrived, due to how inhesitant he was at killing. The Curse of Ultraman Moroboshi was put on standby when Shinjiro went to fight Black King.

Even after Shinjiro was able to handle himself, Moroboshi still downplayed his abilities as Ultraman before they are sent on a mission to find the culprit behind the recent murders, going to Rena Sayama's concert. Hidden Thoughts Agent Adad then appears, getting floating bombs deployed over the heads of the audience. Shinjiro and Dan transform and fight him, but they are overpowered. Adad also causes some of the lights to fall, making Shinjiro and Moroboshi catch them before they hurt anyone. A while later, Bemular arrives and challenges Shinjiro, even slicing off the roof of the building, which Shinjiro now has to hold up. After Igaru appears and gets killed by Adad, Shinjiro enters a fit of rage and destroys the falling roof with a Specium Ray, and tries to kill Adad, before the alien properly introduces himself and exposes the true culprits behind the recent murders. Shinjiro and Moroboshi cease attacking him after finding out that he was an agent of the Star Cluster Alliance. At the SSSP base, Shinjiro gets upset over Igaru's death but Moroboshi further states that he doens't like his attitude. The Beginning of Truth

While going out on a mission, possibly slaying several Alien Pitt in the underground, he tells his squadmates that the Star Cluster Alliance thinks of humans like how humans think of monkeys, and they probably have no intent on co-existing with humans. Due to this mission, he was not available to help Shinjiro deal with a monster. Nice To Meet You, Brother Moroboshi and Shinjiro are called to a job when a monster rampages in a train station. When they arrive, they see it has already been decapitated by Seiji Hokuto, who asks to join the SSSP. During their conversation, Moroboshi spots a hidden camera used by Jack and destroys it. They bring Seiji in for an interview with Ide, Moroboshi and Edo watching. They plan to use him as bait to lure out his benefactor, but Seiji sees through their plan. Star Cluster Alliance

After a brief battle between Shinjiro and Seiji, Moroboshi arrived, having been sent by the SSSP, and dealt with the latter by slicing his left arm off and knocking off his helmet, saying that he would kill anyone marked for extermination, regardless of whether or not they are human. Shocked, Seiji picks up his left arm and helmet, and leaves. When Shinjiro asked if it was alright to just let him get away, Moroboshi says it was part of the plan. Back at the Giant of Light memorial, Moroboshi saw Shinjiro talking to Rena Sayama. Giving him a death stare, Shinjiro decides to take the conversation elsewhere. You As You Are

Shinjiro and Moroboshi are called in by Ide to discuss about the airplane tragedy. He shows them the list of passengers, which reveals that Seiji and his family were on that plane, though all 247 passengers and crew were reported to have died. Yapool rushes to the Giant of Light Memorial to warn them of what was going to happen, but is instead cornered by Moroboshi and a SSSP squad, and they bring him in for questioning. Upon finding out from Yapool that Seiji was after Ace Killer, Shinjiro and Moroboshi mobilized to deal with the threat. Moroboshi and a team try to sneak their way in and Shinjiro is placed on standby, much to his dismay, but the mansion was set to blow up upon the turn of the main door's doorknob. Moroboshi is seriously injured and they are attacked by Ace Killer. He repeatedly shoots Shinjiro and has Alien Nepenthes bind them to lure out Seiji, who appears shortly. Ace Killer Seiji is unable to keep up with Ace Killer but manages to free Shinjiro and Moroboshi. Moroboshi fights against the henchmen, but is overwhelmed until Ide sends him a Specium Sword. After dealing with the henchmen, Moroboshi helps Shinjiro deal with Nepenthes, but they are once again bound by its vines. Moroboshi is shocked to see Shinjiro unleash the limiter under his own power, and he promptly kills Nepenthes, and then goes to fight Ace Killer, who is disintegrated by a Specium Ray.

Ace Killer's hatchet emits a signal to an invisible spaceship in orbit, which fires a gigantic missile straight to their location. Out of energy and options, the three Ultramen could do nothing but stare at their impending doom. Suddenly, Bemular appears, firing a Specium Ray that destroys the bomb before it could injure anyone, as well as the gigantic spaceship.

After the incident, Moroboshi is put under care at the SSSP base to recover from his wounds. A Real Ultraman


Moroboshi is a cynical and rather insensitive man who presented himself as a blunt and strict senior towards his junior and fellow colleague Shinjiro. A ruthless enforcer, he showed utter lack of hesitation in killing any alien/monster on moment's notice regardless whether the alien/monster in question surrender themselves, which stark contrast to Shinjiro who despises killing and showed mercy to enemies who surrendered, one of facts that sparked a rift between the two.

Prior to their first meeting, Moroboshi had already decided he disliked Shinjiro, denouncing him as a naïve child unaware of the stakes or the purpose of his battles. He also had doubts in Shinjiro's fighting ability as a person as he was annoyed his extermination unit had to stand down to let him take over the battle. When the alien was seemingly escaping, Moroboshi took that as confirmation of his beliefs.

Moroboshi also has a disagreement on what it means to be an 'Ultraman', to him such a being/person must be ready to destroy any alien/monster at a moment's notice, but Shinjiro has problems with killing and has shown that he will not be the merciless enforcer Moroboshi believes he should be, causing a greater strife between them. This disagreement is also shown by his behavior as an Ultraman; whereas Shin and Shinjiro both despised killing and Shinjiro showed mercy to enemies who surrendered, Moroboshi would kill an opponent regardless and make killing the target a priority over fighting them.

It is unknown what Moroboshi's opinion on Shin was, but it was most likely better given the fact that Shin was much older and may have been fighting before Moroboshi joined.


Seven Suit (Anime)

Ultraman Suit Ver. 7 (ウルトラマンスーツ Ver.7 Urutoraman Sūtsu Ver.7), also called the Seven Suit (セブンスーツ Sebun Sūtsu), is a newer model made to be worn by ordinary people, who do not have the Ultraman Factor. Despite it not having any beam weapons, it is compensated for by bladed weapons instead.


  • Age: 24 years
  • Height: 182 cm, 197 cm with suit
  • Weight: 69 kg, 138 kg with suit

Powers and Weapons

Own Powers
  • Detective Skills: Moroboshi appears to be an adequate investigator into alien and paranormal crimes.
  • Leadership Skills: Moroboshi has been shown leading investigative units and extermination teams, implying he is an experienced leader.
  • Reflexes: Moroboshi has shown keen senses and reflexes allowing him to dodge an alien projectile weapon.
Via Seven Suit
  • Strength: Since he does not have the Ultraman Factor, Moroboshi's suit gives him greater strength than he would normally possess.
  • Extra Armor: The Version 7 suit was built with normal humans in mind, thus it has more armor than Shinjiro's model, particularly the chest and the shoulder region.
  • Spacium Sword (スぺシウムソード Supeshiumu Sōdo): Moroboshi's suit comes with a high-tech katana. The blade is capable of devastating amounts of damage and using Spacium Blade technology improve its cutting ability to the point that it can make a shock wave when swung. Because it is using Spacium Blade technology, it is powered by Spacium energy. He has two equipped in Version 7.3.
  • Throwing Knives: Moroboshi's suit is armed with throwing knives that resemble Ultraseven's Eye Slugger. They are stored in pockets on the back of the suit.
Version 7.3
  • EX-Rifle (EXライフル EX Raifuru): A modification of the rifle used by the SSSP Extermination Squads, they fire tipped Emerium Bullets (エメリウム弾 Emeriumu Dan) with crystallized alien energy. Moroboshi uses two of them.
  • Wide Shot (ワイドショット Waido Shotto): A heavy Spatsui gattai kaisucium cannon, its power is close to that of Shinjiro's ray. It can be used as a beam blade by continuous fire, but that consumes energy quickly. Moroboshi carries two.
Version 7.5
  • Eye Slugger (アイスラッガー Ai Suraggā): Twin combat knives that are used by Seven. Ide made them capable of combining into a single larger weapon at Moroboshi's request. This is done by simply connecting the two blades to a intermittent connector. Despite their name and user, they are closer to the Zero Sluggers in function than the original Eye Slugger.

Own Powers
  • Detective Skills: Moroboshi appears to be an adequate investigator into alien and paranormal crimes.
  • Leadership Skills: Moroboshi has been shown leading investigative units and extermination teams, implying he is an experienced leader.
  • Reflexes: Moroboshi has shown keen senses and reflexes allowing him to dodge an alien projectile weapon.
Via Seven Suit
  • Strength: Since he does not have the Ultraman Factor, Moroboshi's suit gives him greater strength than he would normally possess.
  • Extra Armor: The Version 7 suit was built with normal humans in mind, thus it has more armor than Shinjiro's model, particularly the chest and the shoulder region.
  • Acceleration: The suit somehow allows Moroboshi to accelerate and travel at high speeds, at least in short bursts.
  • Spacium Sword (スぺシウムソード Supeshiumu Sōdo): Moroboshi's suit comes with a high-tech katana capable of producing shockwaves when swung.
  • Throwing Knives: Moroboshi's suit is armed with throwing knives that resemble Ultraseven's Eye Slugger.



  • His name (prior to his full name being revealed) was a reference to Dan Moroboshi. In fact several other things about him are references to Ultraseven:
    • His function display glasses are possibly a reference to the Ultra Eye, Dan's transformation item.
    • His Ultraman suit and its weapons are also clearly based on Ultraseven.
    • His darker idea of what an Ultraman is may be based of the differences between the original Ultraman's series and Ultraseven's, with Seven's being the darker of the two.
  • So far Moroboshi is the first known person to wear an Ultraman Suit and not have the Ultraman Factor. His relation to the original Dan Moroboshi is unknown.
  • Moroboshi has a suit-up sequence exclusive to the opening of the TV broadcast of the anime.
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