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"Humans have chosen their fate. X Day could be tomorrow, or even in a hundred years. For that day, I hope humanity will live brightly, as humans. Humanity's future will be decided by youngsters like you."

―Dan, Eternal Earth.

In Heisei Ultraseven, the alternate timeline version of Dan Moroboshi (モロボシ・ダン Moroboshi Dan) is the human form of the titular hero while operating on Earth. Like his former colleagues from the Ultra Guard, Dan has aged into an elder but still continues to support the current generation of his former team from behind the scenes, constantly taking on Masaki Kazamori's form to hide his modus operandi.


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This incarnation of Dan Moroboshi follows the exact same continuity as the original TV series did, while disregarding any of his future appearances in the succeeding media of Ultraman Series, such as those of Return of Ultraman and Ultraman Leo.

Ultraseven - Planet of the Earthlings

Upon his return to Earth after the fight against Alien Pitt, Seven took on an aged form of Dan Moroboshi to blend in with the society. While hunting down the Alien Metron siblings, Dan constantly avoided Furuhashi and the rest of the new members of Ultra Guard. He intruded the Metrons' base to rescue their hostage and assisted the Ultra Guard team in escaping the lab's destruction. Dan transformed into Seven to finish the fight, but was missing in action after the explosion from the Metron base seemingly killed him. Ultraseven - Planet of the Earthlings

Ultraseven 30th Anniversary Trilogy

In truth, Seven survived the incident, but was rendered amnesiac from the explosion. He was taken care of by the Murata family and worked as an archaeologist in digging what appeared to be remnants of an ancient civilizations. A string of incidents caused by Alien Viyell picked his curiosity, believing that it would lead to recovering his lost memory, and eventually did so after confronting the alien. Lost Memory After parting ways with the Murata family, Dan investigated both Alien Guts and Banderas' operations on Earth while posing as Masaki Kazamori in certain occasions, thus exposing his identity to the new recruit of the Ultra Guard. At the end of his fight with Banderas, Dan has a final reunion with Furuhashi before he left the planet. Eternal Earth Betrayal Sun

Ultraseven 1999: The Final Chapters Hexalogy

"Furuhashi. Humanity still continues to run this sad marathon, throwing up blood along the way. But I won't abandon the last of my hope, as long as the children you raised are still around."

―Dan, Legends and Glory.

Dan assuming Kazamori's form in the ruined Moon base

Upon his return to Earth several years later, Seven discovered TDF's Friendship Plan taking place as Alien Valkyrie had discredited the Ultra Guard in public. After being forced to shoot Kazamori to expel Valkyrie, Seven put the young man in his capsule for recuperation while adding Kazamori's form to his disguise. For a year, Seven usually assumed Kazamori's form when covering up for the real man's disappearance, but can also resort to Dan's form should the situation calls for. Legends and Glory

A year after the Valkyrie incident, Dan encountered a Nonmalt girl, with a series of incidents leads to his reunion with a revived Furuhashi and discovering the true nature of mankind's ancestors. Initially shocked by the revelation, Dan decided to fight for mankind and sacrifice his place in Nebula M78 by killing Zabangi, an act of meddling with civil wars. After returning the fully healed Kazamori to his teammates, Dan was last seen alongside the revived Furuhashi in their final conversation before Seven left to his home Nebula M78 to be judged for his actions. I Am an Earthling


Powers and Weapons
  • Training: As Dan is a former Ultra Guard member, he still utilizes his former team's training and put it to use during combat.
    • Marksmanship: Dan is skilled in the use of guns and can also dual wielding a pair of Ultra Gun in against the Alien Metron siblings.
  • Ultra Eye: Dan's transformation item in order to return to Seven's form.
  • Disguise: Since Dan is merely Seven's human form, he is capable of assuming other forms than Dan Moroboshi. During the events of 1999 Hexalogy, Dan assumed Kazamori's form to cover the young man's recuperation and is able to alternate between Dan and Kazamori with little effort.
  • Capsule Kaiju: A set of capsules used to summon monsters. Dan retained them when assuming Kazamori's form, and can also be used as a healing chamber to heal Kazamori after a year of recuperation.
  • Possession Immunity: Because of Dan being an Ultra in disguise, he is immune to Alien Valkyrie's possession. Also according to the alien, this is also because of Dan's iron will to resist the former's will.

Other Media

Ultraseven Episode 0

In the novel adaptation of the entire Ultraseven: The Final Chapters Hexalogy, Dan appears as his younger self from his prime years of joining the Ultra Guard. In addition, the Nonmalt girl assumed a young Anne Yuri's form by mind reading Dan's memory from his departure from Earth during the Operation: 3 Billion Massacre.


Heisei Ultraseven


  • Dan did not appear in Ultraseven - Operation: Solar Energy, despite being the very first of Heisei Ultraseven entry, as well as Moritsugu serving as the narrator instead. This is because of the TV Special revolved around Seven's ability to absorb sunlight, hence the need to focus on the Ultra himself instead of Dan.
    • Also in the same episode, he was survived by Anne's son, who is also named as Dan.
    • Dan was also absent in the Evolution Pentalogy series. In the novel adaptation, this was explained because of Seven's merger with Kazamori was meant for the Ultra to relive his youthfulness.
  • During his first appearance in Planet of the Earthlings, Dan wears the same attire (yellow jumper and jeans) in the same way from the first episode of Ultraseven, The Invisible Challenger. In the 1998 trilogy, Dan's actor, Kohji Moritsugu decided to forgo the yellow jumper attire and opted for a ponytail and leather jacket. This set of attire was made on Moritsugu's behest under the impression of his favorite actor, Steven Seagal.[1]


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