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Daitekkai (大鉄塊ダイテッカイlit. Iron Lump) was a robot/spacecraft belonging to Alien Kyuloo that appeared in Heisei Ultraseven.

Subtitle: Iron and Steel Robot (鉄鋼ロボット Tekkō robotto)


Heisei Ultraseven

Daitekkai was originally a pillar-shaped spacecraft belonging to Alien Kyuloo who crashed on Earth while on his way back to his home world. Alien Kyuloo later made his living on Earth as an human named Yoshiya Henmi and seeking help from any earthlings with technical skills that could help repair his spaceship to return to his home planet. He did this via the storybook he made based on his ship, hiding technical blueprints of parts in the book's illustrations.

However 20 years later, Alien Galo, one of the alien races to signed a diplomatic agreement with the TDF feared that the Earth forces might someday plan an invasion on Planet Galo. In response, they sought out Alien Kyuloo and the Daitekkai, which they repaired. With Daitekkai completed, they piloted it in its spaceship form and emerged from a volcano, causing a lava flow which they used as a source of energy in the form of its heat, to transform. At this point the Ultra Guard were sent to destroy it, but it remain impervious to their attacks. Masaki Kazamori (under possession of Dan Moroboshi) transformed into Ultraseven and went into the battle but was overpowered. Their mid air class caused both giant to fall to Earth, where Daitekkai was left half buried in the ground, while Seven was left greatly tired. It was then that, Alien Kyuloo appeared and volunteered to be brough on board by Alien Galo, however they already suspected his plan to take over the ship/robot, and instead used his emotional zeal as energy to move the robot again. The robot went on to further assault Ultraseven, until Alien Kyuloo exerted his will to paralyze it and instruct Ultraseven where to strike to take it down. Giving the Ultra an opening, Alien Kyuloo perished with the Galo aliens, saving the Earth, Alien Kyuloo had come to love


  • Suit actor: Takenori Ito
  • In the "Space Ship YEAR BOOK 2000", Daitekkai mistakenly received the subtitle of simply Steel Robot (鋼鉄ロボット Kōtetsu Robotto).


Spacecraft Mode
Daitekkai S-Craft mode.jpg
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Planet Kyuloo, later rebuilt on Earth
Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Being originally a spacecraft, Daitekkai can fly via levitation.
  • Quantum Energy Converter: Daitekkai possessed an energy converter that can convert and absorb any type of energy into its energy core.
  • Armor: Daitekkai can resist projectile assaults due to being made from an incredibly strong extraterrestial metal.
  • Transformation: Daitekkai can transform from spacecraft mode to robot mode once it has enough energy.

Robot Mode
Heisei Ultraseven Daitekkai render.png
  • Height: 67 m
  • Weight: 64,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Kyuloo, later rebuilt on Earth
  • Weakness: Daitekkai can be easily hijacked by any being that turned into energy and being absorbed by his converter. Also, despite being near invincible, his converter is highly vulnerable.
Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Being originally a spacecraft, Daitekkai can fly via levitation.
  • Quantum Energy Converter: Daitekkai possessed an energy converter that can convert and absorb any type of energy into its energy core. It was also able to steal Ultraseven's energy right from his Beam Lamp when he was close by.
    • Particle Beam: With the energy it absorbed, Daitekkai can fire a stream of energy particles for long-ranged attacks.
  • Energy Beam': Daitekkai can fire energy beams from the three spikes on its head.
  • Armor: Daitekkai can resists minor assaults and even crashes due to being made from an incredibly srong extraterrestial metal.
  • Tractor Beam: Daitekkai can fire tractor beams from its hands to capture its enemy. This manifests as red voltage from its hands.
  • Super Strength: Daitekkai possessed strength great enough to keep Ultraseven in place so that it could be able to steal his energy.



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