Daisuke Arashi
Daisuke Arashi I
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Home world: Earth (Nebula M78 Timeline)
Series: Ultraman
First appearance: "Ultra Operation No.1"
Last appearance: "Revive! Ultraman"
Number of appearances 39 (Episodes)
2 (Movies)
Type: Protagonist
Family Unknown
Affiliation SSSP
Portrayed by Sandayu Dokumamushi

Daisuke Arashi (アラシ・ダイスケ嵐 大助 Arashi Daisuke) is one of the Science Patrol's best members and resident sharp-shooter; his favorite weapon, a two-handed rifle called the Spider-Shot.




Ultraman Kaiju Densetsu: 40 Years of Truth

Following the events of Ultraman, Arashi was discharged from SSSP and he now works as a staff in an elderly care facility. Like his colleagues, he went to Muramatsu's residence for their reunion and discussed the truth about Ultraman and his secret identity. After that, he, along with Ide and Fuji, left the residence.

Other Media

Ultraman THE FIRST

00272 (2)

Arashi in Ultraman THE FIRST

Like the main characters, Arashi appeared in this manga and his role was the same as his original counterpart.

Kamen Norider

Arashi in a Kamen Rider parody

Arashi in Kamen Norider

Arashi appeared as a guest character in one episode from Kamen Norider, a Kamen Rider parody segment from a variety show featuring the Tunnels.

Here, he was brainwashed into becoming a minion of Joker (a parody of Shocker) and assisted a weirdly storm-themed kaijin in sabotaging Takeshi Kinashira (a parody of Takeshi Hongo) and his friends. Upon taking orders from Joker, Arashi visited Cafe Amigo. There, he met his former comrade and the owner of the cafe, Tobei Tachibana (a homage to Muramatsu), while he secretly placed a Joker sticker into Kinashira's back. However, his interaction with Kinashira and his friends with a news broadcast involving heavy rains. When Arashi left the Cafe, Tachibana became suspicious as there was a Joker card left in the table. Meanwhile, Arashi returned to Joker headquarters infroming the group that they were ready to defeat Kamen Norida. Later, he watched Kamen Norida fighting the footmen and the storm-themed kaijin. However, he was interupted and confronted by Tachibana, now wearing an SSSP uniform, only to be overwhelmed by him. Tachibana broke his brainwashing by simply punching him in his face. Afterwards, the two men were properly reunited and, with the kaijin defeated, they, along with Kinashira and his girlfriend, returned to the cafe to celebrate their victory.

  • In addition to his appearance, his surname was used as a pun for that episode


He is shown to have a tough guy personality, but he is very caring towards his fellow teammates, and has a soft spot for children.



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