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Daichi Oozora[2][3] (大空 大地, Ōzora Daichi) is the human host of Ultraman X and a member of Xio. Despite the fact that Xio's main priority and mission is to destroy monster threats, Daichi wants to have peace with monsters, preferring to co-exist with them rather destroying them.



  • Oozora (大空): Means "great sky"
  • Daichi (大地): Means "earth" or "great ground"

By combining these, it means that Daichi's full name represented him as the Planet Earth.


Ultraman X[]

Daichi as a young child

Daichi as a young child

As a child, Daichi's father and mother were lost in a mysterious event connected to the Ultra Flare. His father had ran into a building to find his mother, but the building and everything in it disappeared. Daichi was left with the Gomora Doll his father was studying and had a vision of a battle near the sun, between two spheres. He saw the defeated sphere thrown into the sun and the victorious opened by the solar flare, revealing a giant of light.

Fifteen years later, Daichi became a scientist to find his missing parents and was then recruited into Xio and placed into the lab team, researching in the creation Cyber Kaiju. He contributed his Gomora Spark Doll to the creation of Cyber Gomora but during a test run to materialize it, the process failed after the electro particles used to create it only reached 67%. When Demaaga attacked and Daichi and Asuna had finished evacuated the citizens, Daichi tried to retrieve his fallen Gomora doll, becoming an open target to Demaaga but was saved by Ultraman X, as he combined with Daichi and he became the host of Ultraman X. After defeating Demaaga, Daichi and Ultraman X joined forces with each other in order to fight against more monster and alien threats. A Voice From the Starry Sky

Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman[]

One day, upon receiving reports of abnormal electromagnetic waves emanating from the ancient "Baradhi Ruins" discovered in Akiba Prefecture, Daichi and Asuna set out to investigate. On their way, they encountered Professor Tsukasa Tamaki and his son, Yuuto, and found that the greedy treasure hunter, Carlos Kurosaki, had illegally detonated the entrance to the Baroth ruins and entered the site. Inside, they discovered a statue of Ultraman Tiga and a blue stone. However, Kurosaki, eager for fame, insisted on taking the blue stone, which led to a confrontation with Tamaki. This altercation ultimately resulted in the release of the demon beast Zaigorg, which had been sealed away since ancient times.

Daichi transformed into Ultraman X to fight Zaigorg but was easily defeated, forcing Zaigorg to temporarily retreat. Back at the Xio base, Daichi attempted to repair the X Devizer and eventually managed to restore X's consciousness using an electric shock method. However, due to the corruption by Zaigorg's power, Daichi was unable to transform.

At this time, Zaigorg was heading towards the Kurosaki Building where the blue stone was located. Captain Kamiki dispatched Asuna and Professor Tamaki to retrieve the blue stone, while Daichi and the remaining Xio members used all their powerful technologies to try to stop Zaigorg but failed. Meanwhile, Asuna, Tamaki, and Kurosaki engaged in a fierce struggle for the blue stone. The building they were in was damaged by Zaigorg, putting them in grave danger.

In the Xio laboratory, Yuto's Sparklence and the blue stone began to emit synchronized light, resonating with the X Devizer. Rui Takada brought X Devizer to Daichi's side, and Daichi and Yuto entered the building to rescue Tamaki, who was trapped under steel beams, with Asuna. Using the restored X Devizer, Daichi transformed into Ultraman X again. Yuto transformed into Ultraman Tiga, and along with the Ultraman from the blue stone, they faced off against Zaigorg.

Tiga and Ultraman first defeated Gorg Antlar and Gorg Golza, but Zaigorg extended two whips to absorb the energy of the two Ultramen and summoned five Tsurugi Demaaga worldwide. At a critical moment, the hope of the people generated Cyber Cards for Tiga and the original Ultraman. X used these powers to form a new form—the Beta Spark Armor. With this new form, he cut off Zaigorg's whips, freeing Tiga and the original Ultraman. The two Ultramen then infused their powers into the Beta Spark Armor, ultimately defeating Zaigorg completely.

After the crisis ended, X and Tiga separated Daichi and Yuto, and the original Ultraman flew back into space. X regained his physical form through the light of people's hopes and, after bidding farewell to the Xio team, left Earth. In the conclusion, X returned to Daichi's side to continue fighting alongside him to face Desastro.Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman

Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds![]

Gai & Daichi

Daichi with Gai Kurenai.

Daichi and the Xio members went to space to confront Desastro but fell into a trap near the moon, forcing him to separate from X. Daichi arrived on the Earth where Ultraman Orb was active and was imprisoned by the space witch thief Murnau. With Jugglus Juggler's help, he was rescued by SSP and rejoined with Ultraman X to fight together once more.

During the battle, Daichi/Ultraman X protected Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb from Darebolic's beam, turning into a gem. Later, he, along with Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Victory, transferred part of their power to Orb, enabling him to transform into his "Orb Trinity" form. After Juggler threw the Dark Ring into the alternate dimension created by Bullton, everything returned to normal. Daichi and Orb then teamed up to face the alien army and defeated Alien Guts Doppel.

In the end, Daichi expressed his gratitude to the SSP members and returned to his own universe.Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax[]

After sealing Grimdo, the New Generation Heroes lost their ability to transform, and went to Taiga's Earth to protect Hiroyuki Kudo. Daichi first appeared to help Pirika Asahikawa, who had been hacked by a virus. Soon, Grimdo landed on Earth, and fought against Ultraman Rosso, Ultraman Blu and Ultraman Taiga. However, they were no match for the beast and were about to be defeated until Ultraman Taro arrived to rescue his son. Soon, Taro fell for Tregear's trap and was possessed by Grimdo after executing the Ultra Dynamite on it. Now under the monster's control, Taro assaulted the three Ultras and forced them to revert.


After Katsumi Minato, Isami Minato and Hiroyuki confronted Kirisaki, Daichi received the X-let from Hiroyuki, restoring his X Devizer. The New Generation Heroes transformed to fight against Tregear, Taro, and a monster army revived from their Rings. They power-up to their strongest forms in response to Grimdo granting the monsters some of its power, and manage to defeat their opponents. Afterwards, Tregear offered himself to Grimdo, who had been released from Taro's body. This caused Grimdo to swallow him and grow to giant size, and regain its full power. The New Generation Heroes consecutively use their finishers against Grimdo, but to no effect. Just was they were about to be blasted by Grimdo, Taro protected the New Generation Heroes with a barrier and told them to pour their energy into Taiga's Ultra Horns. Upon doing so, Hiroyuki received the New Generation Eye and transformed into Ultraman Reiga, and defeated Grimdo.

With the battle over, the New Generation Heroes gave some parting words to Hiroyuki before leaving for their home worlds. Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax


Daichi places his hand on top of the X Devizer, manifesting Ultraman X's Spark Doll and scans it. Daichi than raises the item in the air and shouts "X!".

Powers and Weapons[]

  • X Devizer: A transformation device that allows Daichi to transform into Ultraman X.
  • Space Communicator: A keepsake from his mother, Daichi used it to hear the voices from the stars. He used it once, hearing the battle between Ultraman X and an unknown enemy fifteen years prior.
  • Xlugger: When assuming Exceed X as Ultraman X, Daichi is equipped with the Xlugger.
  • Beta Spark: Daichi wields the Beta Spark when X assumes his Beta Spark Armor.

Spark Dolls in Possession[]

  • Ultraman X: Used to transform into Ultraman X.
  • Gomora: Left by his father before the Ultra Flare took his parent's life. Later, contributed its data to the creation of Cyber Gomora.
  • Demaaga: Acquired after defeating the monster himself, left to Xio's possession.
  • Birdon: Acquired after defeating the monster himself, left to Xio's possession.
  • Telesdon: Acquired after defeating the monster himself, left to Xio's possession.
  • Bemstar: Acquired after defeating the monster himself, left to Xio's possession.
  • Zetton: Acquired after defeating the monster himself, left to Xio's possession.
  • King Joe: Acquired after defeating the monster himself, left to Xio's possession.
  • Gomess (S): Acquired after defeating the monster himself, left to Xio's possession.
  • Gubila: Acquired after defeating the monster himself, left to Xio's possession.
  • King Guesra: Acquired after defeating the monster himself, left to Xio's possession.
  • Red King: Acquired after defeating the monster himself, left to Xio's possession.

Cyber Cards used[]


Ultraman X[]

Ultraman X The Movie: Here Comes! Our Ultraman[]

Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds![]

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax[]



  • As revealed in Ultraman X Super Complete Works, Daichi during his middle school years fell in love, and got into a romantic relationship with an unnamed girl. Their relationship eventually fell apart as Daichi tried making equal time and gifts with others due to his nature of wanting to treat everyone he meets equally.


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