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Dada (ダダ) are a humanoid alien race that attacked Earth and started abducting humans to advance some form of research. The original agent, Agent #271, was killed by Ultraman. Since then, numerous other agents have traveled to Earth with varying goals. The members of this race are referred to by their registration number and class, rather than possessing given names.

True to their name, Dada are inspired by Dadaism, an art movement which began in 1915-1916 and spread to Japan in 1923. After their appearance, the Dadas became a famous symbol of Dadaism in Japan.

Subtitle: Three-Faced Phantom (三面怪人 Sanmen Kaijin)


Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Watching my comrade die.png

At least one Dada took part in the Ultimate Wars as part of Alien Empera's army. He is very briefly seen fighting against Ultraman Belial on a small asteroid near the Land of Light, where the Ultra swiftly defeated him. The Divergence



Dada Agent #271 in Ultraman

The Dada race was in need of 6 human specimens for unknown reasons. The leader sent the best agent to do the task, Agent #271 to Earth. Dada decided the best place to search for specimens was a Japanese science lab. In order to keep out outside humans, specifically, The Science Patrol, Dada set up many traps. This actually drew attention rather than prevent it. Captain Mura and Ide were on a bus that was driving on a mountain road when, the bus fell off. Fortunately, nobody was killed. Ide was sent to hospital when a man crawled out and was taken inside the building by nurses. He told a story about Dada hunting the scientist in the lab. He tried to escape, but the alien could phase through walls. The man barely survived by running into the emergency room. Just out of luck, Dadas can't phase through the room because it's made of a special shielded alloy. Captain Mura and the woman that survived the crash went to the lab. One of the scientist was possessed by the Dada. The Dada went after the two when Mura managed to contact Hayata. He became the Ultra from M78, Ultraman. The Dada's commander contacted him and told him that Ultraman was coming towards his position. Dada grew to giant size. After a long battle with Ultraman, Ultraman launched his Spacium Beam at Dada's head. However, the alien was not destroyed yet. The Dada teleported back to the lab where his commander told him to get Mura and the lady or Specimens 5 & 6. Dada chased them to the top of the lab where both of them fell off. Fortunately, Ultraman saved them. Dada shot his micronizer gun at the Ultra, causing him to shrink to human size while Dada was gigantic. Ultraman grew gigantic again and chased Dada into the sky. The three faced alien was finally shot down by Ultraman's Spacium Beam after being exposed to Ultraman's Fluoroscope Ray twice.


Dada's faces (A, C, and, B)

  • Suit actor: Kunio Suzuki
  • Voice Actor: Taimei Suzuki
    • English Voice Actors: Corinne Orr, Bill Kiehl
  • Just like Zetton and the Toho Kaiju M.O.G.U.E.R.A, Dada is one of the Kaiju that can say his name ("Dadaaa!") when he is roaring.
  • Dada, like Alien Mefilas has a unique launching shout, simply being a shortened version of his name: "DA!" (ダ)
  • Dada's design, which is primarily monochrome and features numerous geometric patterns, sharp lines, and alternating black and white stripes based on chessboards, is another reference to its namesake, as a central element of the Dada art movement revolved around reusing and modifying existing sources into new forms.
  • Dada is infamous for having the unusual ability to change the appearance of his face into 3 different variations (A = red, B = blue, and C = yellow). For what purpose or reason of this however is never officially stated. In the game Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3, This ability is seen as able to swap out different stat traits, but this may be a game-exclusive trait in only. Dada's Type-C face was briefly seen while flying from Ultraman, Type B was seen when he was wrestling with Ultraman.
    • Dada's three faces were originally meant to be all visible at once, but the design was rejected for being too disturbing.
  • Dada's three-face motif may come from an old Japanese proverb; "Everyone has three faces they wear: one to the world, one to their family, and one only to themselves".
  • After being hit with a chair, Dada appeared with a large indent on its head while chasing Captain Muramusa
  • Dada was originally going to be the fourth illusion created by Alien Mefilas in episode 33, but was dropped for unknown reasons.
  • In the Tsuburaya Production Company commercials, Dada A is usually depicted as a love intrest for Ultraman.
  • In the Ultraman M78 Theater Love & Peace OVA anime special, all three Dadas are female and act as cheer leaders.
  • In the Arcade game, Ultra Toukon Densetsu, they are among the many enemies that appear, but moan lewdly once defeated.
  • Dada's groaning roars were reused for Alien Guts in Ultraseven, but more distorted.

Dada, Baltan and Magma watching Baseball

  • Occasionally at Baseball matches in Japan, Kaiju, Ultras, and aliens watch the games. A Dada, Alien Baltan, and an Alien Magma showed up in the audience for one game, and were comically ejected from the stadium.
  • Dada appeared in a commercial in 2014 sponsoring summer clothing.
  • Dada's defeat by Ultraman is referenced and recreated in the film Kaiju Girls Black.

Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

"You are too late. Dada has figured out life. Your carbon units are needed for reconfiguration. Do not try to stop us."

―Powered Dada

Powered Dada

Dada reappeared in episode 6 of the series Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, as Powered Dada (パワードダダ Pawādo Dada).

Unlike the original Dada's appearance, this version of Dada appeared to have been a computer virus that had come alive as it absorbs human essence as his own and originally was discovered and existed inside of a computer inside an apartment. As WINR investigates, they are all paralyzed by a swarm of sentient Dadas that electrocute them. Kai transforms into Ultraman Powered as the Dadas merge into a giant form. At first it seems Dada has the advantage with his electrically based powers and his telekinetic powers at his side, but Powered eventually wins by overloading Dada's power source (a nearby power plant) by firing his Mega Spacium Beam, causing Dada to explode. However, the ending of the episode still hints that there still lurks more Dada's inside the computer system.


  • Due to how fragile and ungainly the Powered Dada suit was (featuring large feet that made movement difficult, and an oversized head), this version of Dada barely moved during his fight with Ultraman Powered, and had a stance limited to standing up straight with his arms outstretched.
  • This is the only incarnation of Dada who could attack with natural beams, and he even possessed the power of telekinesis. He also had some electrically-based powers as well, something his original counterpart lacked altogether.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

Dada, as seen in Ultra Galaxy NEO

A Dada briefly reappeared in episode 9 of the series, Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey.

In this series, this Dada is a Reionics. After Alien Mefilas had transformed into Armored Mefilas, he ran into Dada, who mocked Mefilas for the destruction of his Battlenizer. As Dada continued mocking him, Mefilas then cleaved into Dada's stomach with his sword and killed him in short order without saying a word.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Dada reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie as one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army.


He was seen teaming up with Alien Babarue, Alien Magma, and Alien Nackle to kill Rei while the Ultras and Rei's monsters fought Ultraman Belial's other monsters, but Rei transformed into Reimon and killed his attackers in short order. Unlike the other three, Dada ends up being scared of Reimon and let Nackle to do the work after Babalou and Magma were killed first. However, Nackle failed and Dada ended up to be the last of the four to die in fear being slashed in the chest twice by Reimon's arm blades.


  • Dada is one of the monsters and aliens to make up Belyudra's left arm.
  • The Dada suit from Ultra Galaxy NEO was reused for Dada's appearance in the film.
  • In the movie, Dada never emits his roar but has a goofy voice instead. This is most likely because he was human-sized while confronting Reimon.

Galaxy Rescue Force Voice Drama

A Dada named Daada was assigned to work at the Science Technology Division with Sora. He later meets Ultraman Ribut, and the two discuss Sora, which caught his eye during work. He appears to have a crush on her and asks Ribut for a favor about someone that she likes or not. Ribut agrees to help while Daada thanks and owes him.

Having a big crush on Sora, Daada made an invitation letter for her, presumably taking her for a walk or date. The letter was sent to Sora, who opened it curiously. After reading the text with Queen Izana, Sora felt confused while Queen Izana asked if she had already fallen in love with someone and guessed if it was Ribut. Ribut suddenly approaches both of them, resulting in Sora left thinking about what she should do.

The next day, they meet eye-to-eye and begin their date. Meanwhile, in the GRF Base, Ribut, Poccola, and RB received an emergency about sighted kaiju on a nearby star. They arrived at the place and confronted Kelbim, Giestron, and Neronga. Ribut ends them quickly with his Remote Cutter, but a mind-controlled Sora suddenly appeared and revived the kaiju through a device she made. Daada soon appeared in front of them and explained his true motive to trick Sora for his purpose, with the base's security system being hacked. It was acknowledged the dark energy traces earlier came from him. Poccola became enraged, using his uppercut on Daada, but Neronga blocked his attack. Daada and Sora decide to leave, forcing the three Galaxy Rescue Force members to fight his kaiju.

On the other place, Ribut managed to find Daada's whereabouts. He tried to break the spell by talking to her. Unfortunately, Daada attacked the Ultra several times, which injured him badly. As Daada commanded Sora to give him energy, Sora finally regained herself thanks to Ribut and instead gave it to her childhood friend, healing him in the process. Daada was shocked by the bond they made able to break his spell. He had no choice but to bring the kaiju that Poccola, RB, and Nova fought in to assist him. Fortunately, Sora called the remaining GRF members to help her and Ribut. While Daada became scared, all the GRF members combined their beams into one to destroy Daada and his kaiju, ending the alien's threat.

Ultraman Ginga

A Dada joined the Dark Spark War, but eventually, he was turned into a Spark Doll by Dark Lugiel.

In episode 7, this Dada, along with many other Kaiju and aliens are seen cheering on Ginga as he fights Dark Galberos.

In a couple of shots of the series, he can be seen in Dark Lugiel's collection along with Deathfacer, Ghighi, Gatanothor, Birdon, Goldras, Alien Babarue, Gan-Q, Ace Killer, Mecha Baltan, Alien Hipporit, Twin Tail, Mochiron, and a dozen of other monsters and aliens.

It is assumed that after Ultraman Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel, the Dada returned to his home planet in his original form.

Ultraman X

Dark Star Cluster

K23 a.png

One of the Dark Star Cluster, Dada was first seen with his comrades performing robbery in a warehouse at Earth. When Alien Valky Halky's Samekujira Jolly came to Earth for its master, the team approaches Xio and Jolly's owner, demanding it until Halky challenged them for a rugby match.

Three days later in the tournament, the Dark Star Cluster participated in the rugby and scores 51 points in the first half due to cheating with their powers until Isamu's fighting spirit turns the tables in the second round. Enraged when Isamu called them no side after the game ended, they enlarged and began on a rampaging spree before Ultraman X Gomora Armor sent them to the sky with Gomora Oscillatory Wave. We are Nebula!

  • Voice actor: Takahiro Maeda
  • The Dada suit from Ultra Galaxy NEO was reused for Dada's appearance in the series.

Kidnapping Syndicate

"The plan was that to collect samples of your cutest girls before that happened. It may not look that way, but I'm very fond of you humans. Come on, haven't you heard about this? One day, black lightning bolts began to strike this planet. Any monster they hit will go berserk, like they're being driven to destroy anything."
"Do you know what the Dark Thunder Energy is?"
"I'm sorry but I'm not that well-informed. But at this rate, your planet will be doomed. I've got it on good authority.

―Dada and Daichi during the former's confession.
K23 a 2.png

Another Dada is a leader of his own criminal network whose goal is to collect "pretty girls" for cloning, predicting humanity's extinction from Dark Thunder Energy. His subordinates are a Kemur and a Cicada Woman.

However, his operation failed after Xio members infiltrate his base. During the interrogation, he also voiced his prediction and his motive for the kidnappings, provoking Wataru until he was calmed down. Feature Report! 24 Hours Inside Xio

  • Voice actor: Daisuke Nagumo
  • This is the first Dada since 49 years of its debut to reveal his face-changing ability on-screen. Here, he reveals all of his three faces when Xio members take photos of him in the prison, much to their dismay.
  • In Dada's hideout, he possessed a cubicle themed after his body marking with a poster which has Dada's name in Katakana incorporated to its design. These may be a reference to the Dadaism art movement, which was the alien race's namesake and motif.

Cyber Card

Another Dada appeared as a Cyber Card in the final episode of Ultraman X. After Ultraman X spoke out to Gomora and striked Greeza right in the center of his chest, Dada, along with all of the other Cyber Cards, traveled to X and united with him. Cyber Dada's power was used to help form the Hybrid Armor and power up the Ultimate Xanadium to defeat Greeza once and for all. Dada, along with the numerous other Cyber Cards and Spark Dolls, then appeared and thanked Daichi as he thanked them. The Rainbow Land

Ultraman Orb

Dada was one of Black Directive's regular alien customers at his Black Star café before they all decided to leave the Earth. However, it was mentioned by Alien Pitt Myu that his ship crashed into some space trash and his bag of coffee beans, Black Directive's last one, was sent flying, which was then investigated by the VTL.

Ultraman Geed

Two different Dadas appeared in Ultraman Geed episodes 2 and 18. The two are given the numerical distinction of #820 and #116, respectively.


The first Dada with a Micronizer

A Dada, in a human disguise, attempted to kidnap Eri Hara using his Micronizer because she was in possession of a powerful weapon called a Little Star. However, she used her power to cast fire and removed his disguise. Before she could react further he captured her with his device, but was pursued by Laiha Toba. While fleeing, he ran into Riku and was forced to leave his captive behind after a brief fight.

The alien then went to meet with Kei Fukuide, who berated him and told him about the Little Stars after Dada told him he couldn't have it. Dada then attempted to shoot him with the Micronizer, but Kei blocked the shot, teleported behind the alien and killed him.


Dada in its pose

  • Voice Actor: Koichi Toshima
  • After getting knocked down, Dada lands in its iconic pose.


The second Dada piloting Legionoid

A second Dada appeared later in the series. He attempted to hunt down and kill Kei Fukuide for slaying his comrades and take over the universe afterward by stealing a Legionoid from Belial's forces and then customizing it. Dada summoned it when he saw his target to be vulnerable. However, his plan was hindered when Ultraman Zero showed up and fought the Legionoid and even had their fight taken into outer space. They returned to earth, and the alien eventually managed to defeat Zero while he was in his Beyond form. Dada then took his attention back towards Kei and ended up having to fight Zaigorg, who was summoned by Kei. Even though Dada had the Legionoid hold his own against the unholy kaiju, the latter eventually overwhelmed the robot and Dada was eventually killed after the Legionoid blew up as a result of being hit by Zaigorg's Bloody Flooding. Inheritor of the Dream


Ultraman R/B


A Dada and his Pigmon friend were setting up a party in the forest, for a special day where aliens from across the galaxy stopped fighting for once and instead appreciated each others' struggles. However, Pigmon got the date wrong and the party would start a day late. Asahi Minato and her friends were denied of using the Quattro M store for their Halloween party, so they had to look elsewhere. They stumbled upon Pigmon, thinking it was someone wearing a suit and decided to follow it, which brought them to Dada's house. Dada decided to let them stay and have a party. Saki Mitsurugi also appeared and joined them as well. When Isami Minato's device sensed an alien's presence, he and Katsumi Minato decided to investigate. Finding out that the brothers were Ultramen, Dada's instincts awakened and he could no longer restrain himself and transformed into a giant. Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu fought him in a rather comedic match and then they decided to get serious, using the power of Ultraman Ruebe. Ruebe easily bests Dada, using his own Micronizer Device to accidentally shrink Dada back down to human size, after it gets knocked out of his hands by the Ruebe Vortex Buster. Pigmon had gone to get Booska, who lectured Dada and then shrunk him down even further as punishment. He was forced to stay in a containment chamber for a while to reflect on what he had done. Everyone Is Friends

Dada later appears, though it is unknown if it is the same individual, with his face blurred out when he was interviewed by Alien Mefilas and Alien Zarab for their NPTV news block. A World Without Tomorrow


  • The man whose car was accidentally shrunk by Dada is played by Kiyotaka Taguchi.

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

Dada and his henchmen went to a exhibit of the world's treasures to steal the Blue Stone of Baradhi, the centerpiece of the exposition. Homare Soya, Hiroyuki Kudo and Maguma chased after Dada and his henchmen, and eventually defeated them. However, Maguma was hurt by a gunshot in the process. Dada then summoned its customized Legionoid, but was destroyed by the combined efforts of the Tri-Squad. Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax


Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Dada (PDO-3A)

A digital life form born from mysterious particles called Dada Factor (ダダ因子 Dada Inshi)[1], this Dada called PDO-3[2] somehow landed on the Earth where Ultraman Trigger and Ultraman Z were.

Dada plans for world domination through a global-scale cyberattack by hacking through cell phones and later on worldwide TPU's computer systems. Knowing that GUTS-Select will oppose them, the Dada hacked into the Nursedessei's systems, but GUTS-Select fight off their invasion by switching from auto to analog, followed by Himari personally attacking them in their circuits. One particular Dada was killed by Yuzare, alarming Yuna's awareness of the priestess. The Dada would eventually hijacked King Joe STORAGE Custom to fight against Ultraman Trigger and Z. With the surviving Dada had its nucleus blasted by Nursedessei (courtesy of Captain Tatsumi), it possessed King Joe to continue the fight until both Ultras fired their beams to the robot, reducing it to scraps. The Propagating Invasion


  • This appearance of Dada marks the first time any of the Powered redesigns have been reused since their initial appearance in Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.


Dada Movie (1).png
  • Height: 1.9 ~ 40 m
  • Weight: 70 kg ~ 7,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Dada
Powers and Weapons
  • Micronizer Device (ミクロ化機 Mikuro-ka Ki): Dada is equipped with a huge gun that can shrink his target's size. It appears to be ineffective against Ultras. In game publications, the weapon is durable enough to be used in a similar manner to a bat. In Ultraman R/B, it was shown to be durable enough to withstand getting shot by the Ruebe Vortex Buster.
  • Face Change: Dada is infamous for having the unusual ability to change the appearance of his face into 3 different variations (A = red, B = blue, and C = yellow). For what purpose or reason of this however is never officially stated. In Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3, this ability can be used to swap out different stat traits.
  • Flight: Dada can fly.
  • Size Change: Dada can change his size from that of a human to that of a giant.
  • Teleportation: Dada can teleport himself to any location he pleases
  • Possession: Dada can control the mind and body of a human.
Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3
  • Kiss: Dada can kiss an opponent with his huge lips and disorientate victims.
  • Shrink Stomping (縮小ストンピング Shukushō Sutonpingu): Dada shrinks the opponent and stomps them.
  • Shrink Body Press (縮小ボディプレス Shukushō Bodi Puresu): Dada shrinks the opponent and performs a body press.
  • Dada Homerun (ダダホームラン Dada Hōmuran): Upon shrinking the opponent, Dada grabs them and use his Micronizer Device to act as a baseball bat, hitting the opponent with full force as if they are a baseball.
  • Double Shrink Stomping (Wダブル縮小ストンピング Daburu Shukushō Sutonpingu): A tag-team attack with Ghighi. Both draw their shrink guns and shrink the opponents before stomping on them.
Ultra Galaxy NEO
  • Battlenizer: The Reionics Dada possessed a Battlenizer with unknown monsters.
Ultraman Geed
  • Pistol: Aside from the Micronizer, Dada can use a small pistol with a stun blast.
  • Intangibility: Dada can become intangible, to phase through walls and doors.
  • Human Disguise: Instead of possession, Dada can also disguise themselves as humans. As with most disguises, it will wear off if Dada is seriously hurt.
  • Control Panel: Dada can use this device to summon Legionoid Dada Customize.
  • Legionoid Dada Customize: A Legionoid model that was stolen from Belial Galactic Empire, it was customized to fit the Dada's own scheme in alien invasion.
Ultraman R/B
  • Eye Beams: Dada shoots beams from its eyes.
Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders
  • Phantom Kick (怪人脚戯 Kaijun Kyaku-gi): Dada shrinks down the opponent and kicks them away.

Powered Dada/Dada (PDO-3)

Dada (PDO-3A)

Dada (PDO-3B)

Dada (PDO-3C)

  • Height: 0 ~ 55 m
  • Weight: 0 ~ 10,000 t
  • Origin: Computer World
  • Weakness: In Trigger, a Powered Dada has its own nucleus, a vulnerable part that maintains their existence. If said part is destroyed, then the Dada are easy to be killed.
Powers and Weapons
  • Arm Laser (アームレーザー Āmu Rēzā): Powered Dada can fire electric balls that stun enemies for a short time.
  • Magnetic Wave: Powered Dada can levitate cars and metal objects to throw at enemies. In Ultraman Trigger, this ability is considerably stronger, as Powered Dada can lift large quantities of objects into the air at once before using them to bombard the target.
  • Electric Shock: Powered Dada can deliver a shock if touched.
  • Dada Field (ダダ・フィールド Dada Fīrudo): Powered Dada can create a "Dada Field" when it exits the cyber world. The field can also materialized in the human world to expand the Dada's territory.
  • Static Teleportation: Powered Dada can vanish in an electric blur and reappear somewhere else.
  • Dada Conversion: Dada can transform human victims into more of their kind. At least in The Ultimate Hero, only two victims had been identified.
  • Combine: Three small Dadas can combine to form a large one.
Ultraman Trigger
  • Technology Manipulation/Possession: Dada is able to possess and manipulate technology in a global scale due to the use of wireless network. This can extend even to aircraft with autopilot systems, though those with manual controls are immune.

In Mega Monster Rush Ultra Frontier, a team of cyborg Dada sibling hunters calling themselves the Dada Team (ダダチーム Dada Chimu) appeared.

Dada A (Elite Numbers) AKA No.A913
Dada A.jpg

Dada A (Elite Numbers) (ダダA(エリートナンバーズ) Dada A (Erīto Nanbāzu)) is a commander class fighter whom received special training and is skilled in the handling of various weapons. Despite being youngest of the trio, Dada A is the team's tactician and strategist.

Powers and Weapons
  • Cybernetic left arm: Dada A has a cybernetic left arm which enabled him in close combats.
  • Plasma Cannon: Dada A has a plasma cannon that cybernetically attached to him that can fire plasma projectiles.

Dada B (Breaker Numbers) AKA No.B081
Dada B.jpg

Dada B (Breaker Numbers) (ダダB(ブレイカーナンバーズ) Dada B (Bureikā Nanbāzu)) is a engineer class fighter that is skilled in artillery and always seen assisting Dada A. He is the oldest among the Dada Team siblings.

Powers and Weapons
  • Cybernetic legs: Dada B has two cybernetic legs which enhanced his agility.
  • Giant Cannon: Like Guts Gunner Garm, Dada B also has a giant cannon that he used in combat.

Dada C (Commando Numbers) AKA No.C696
Dada C.jpg

Dada C (Commando Numbers) (ダダC(コマンドナンバーズ) Dada C (Komando Nanbāzu)) is a soldier class fighter and the toughest in his siblings. According to his history, Dada C is a rebellious person in his family that always rejected laws.

Powers and Weapons
  • Limiter: Dada C's true appearance was a muscular warrior but to keep him in a normal state, a limiter was placed on him cybernetically. It can be triggered by will to achieve his true form in combat.
  • Claws: Dada C has bladed hands that can be used for combat.

Cyber Dada

Cyber Dada

Cyber Dada (サイバーダダ Saibā Dada)

  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 7,000 t
  • Origin: Xio headquarters
  • Cyber Power: 16/25
Powers and Weapons
  • TBA

Other Media

Ultraman Kids

There is the a family of pink Dadas in this series: mother, father, son, and daughter.

Yuugen Jikkou Sisters Shushutorian



Ultraman Ball

Dada in Ultraman Ball

Dada appeared in the game, Ultraman Ball as the first boss.

Kaiju Busters POWERED

Kaiju Busters Powered 29 23512.png


Mega Monster Rush Ultra Frontier

Dada Team at the Hunter Station

In this game/movie, three cyborg Dada siblings introduced as a team of hunters.

Antlar Hunting

In Alien Mefilas Djent's flashback, the Dada Team appeared in the middle of the Rush Hunter's battle against Antlar where they assist their rival team by eliminating Antlar. They walked away afterwards, much to the Rush Hunter's suprise.


Dada with Urs Bucher.jpg

In the 100th anniversary of Dadaism movement in Tokyo, which takes place in May 19, 2016, Dada was invited to the ceremony alongside the Swiss Ambassador Urs Bucher.


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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey Alien Pitt | Reionics Hunter | Gomess (S) | Magular | Rei's Gomora | Dorako | Eleking |Alien Hook | Rei's Litra (S) | Alien Guts | Alien Zelan | Arstron | Alien Nackle | Galberos | Illusion Zetton | Reimon Burst Mode | Reionic Burst Gomora | Doragory | Alien Metron | Bemstar | Alien Babarue (RB) | Antlar | Vakishim | Alien Keel Grande | Tyrant | Kate | Fire Litra | Alien Zarab | Imitation Ultraman | Alien Mefilas | Armored Mefilas | Dada | Alien Temperor | Arigera | Armored Darkness | Miclas | Alien Zetton | Telesdon | King Joe Black | Kelbim | Red King | Alien Reflect | Birdon | King Joe Scarlet | Alien Reiblood | EX Gomora | EX Red King
Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie Bemular | Alien Zarab | Zaragas | Rei's Gomora | Dorako | Bemstar | Saramandora | Alien Shaplay | Windom | Miclas | Agira | Pigmon | Black King | Rei's Litra (S) | Gomess (S) | Alien Baltan | Antlar | Red King | Magular | Telesdon | Dada | Zetton | Eleking | Alien Metron | Alien Guts | Arstron | Sadola | Gudon | Twin Tail | Alien Nackle | Verokron | Vakishim | Doragory | Lunaticks | Birdon | Mukadender | Alien Temperor | Tyrant | Alien Valky | Alien Magma | Alien Pressure | Alien Babarue | Nova | Hoe | Fire Golza | Gan-Q | Galberos | Froguros (B) | Banpira | Kelbim | Gromite | Zoa Muruchi | Alien Reflect | Angross | Jasyuline | Arigera | Roberuga II | King Joe Black | Alien Super Hipporit | King Silvergon | King Goldras | King Pandon | King Guesra | Alien Zetton | Nurse | Belyudra
Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero Rei's Gomora | Rei's Litra (S) | Darklops Zero | Mecha Gomora | Alien Salome | Imitation Ultraseven | Imitation Ultraman (SR) | Imitation Ultraman Jack (SR) | Imitation Ultraman Ace (SR) | Imitation Zoffy (SR)
Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure Bullton | Gomora | Pigmon | Red King | Alien Pedan | Alien Hipporit | Bemular | Golza | Gan-Q | Sadola | Skydon | Mons-Ahgar | Telesdon | Gamakugira | Alien Nackle | Yapool | EX Tyrant | Alien Keel Vittorio | EX Gomora | Alien Zarab | EX Eleking | Alien Metron | EX Red King | Alien Babarue | King of Mons | Basiliss | Baby Arados | Alien Reiblood | Grand King | Silverbloome | Deathfacer
Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure NEO Kyrieloid | Kanegon | Red King | Agira | Vittorio | Alien Guts | Gatanothor | EX Zetton | Alien Reiblood | Kate
Ultra Zone Kaiju
Sadola | Alien Temperor | Bemstar | Hoe | Eleking | Telesdon | Gudon | Alien Zarab | King Guesra | Gan-Q | Deathrem | Alien Magma | Alien Babarue | Zetton | Red King | Alien Guts | Alien Valky | Alien Pitt | Alien Metron | Dada | Suflan | Birdon | Pigmon | Banpira | Lunaticks | Alien Mefilas | King Joe | Bemular
Ultraman X Kaiju
Ultraman X Greeza | Bemular | Aboras | Banila | Pestar | Magular | Peguila | Cyber Gomora | Demaaga | Alien Fanton Gourman | Birdon | Telesdon | Underground Woman | Alien Zarab | Bemstar | Black King | Black King Drill Custom | Alien Nackle Bandero | Alien Gold tE-rU | Rudian | Gargorgon | Zetton | Alien Sran Quila | Alien Valky Halky | Alien Icarus Icary | Alien Nackle Nackley | Samekujira Jolly | Alien Babarue | Dada | Kemur | Alien Zetton | Alien Akumania Referee | Houlinga | King Joe | Gina Spectre | Tsurugi Demaaga | Zaragas | Alien Magma | Alien Shaplay | Mold Spectre | Shepherdon | Windom | Miclas | Agira | Alien Markind | Mecha Gomora | Juda Spectre | Gua Spectre | Gomess (S) | Gubila | Cicada Woman | Pigmon | King Guesra | Red King | EX Red King | Space Cat Mu | Dorako | M1 | Gomora | EX Gomora | Bugbuzun Brood | Terochilus
Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman Alien Fanton Gourman | Cyber Gomora | Zaigorg | Gorg Antlar | Gorg Fire Golza | Tsurugi Demaaga | Alien Baltan | Desastro
Ultraman Festival 2015 Alien Selemo Marie | Skedon | Cyber Skedon | Denpagon | Cyber Denpagon
Ultraman Geed Kaiju
Ultraman Geed Alien Pegassa Pega | Skull Gomora | Alien Shadow (Zenna, Kuruto) | Alien Sturm Kei Fukuide | Dada | Darklops Zero | Alien Hook | Alien Pitt Tri-Tip | Eleking | Samekujira | Lunah | Arstron | Thunder Killer | Galactron | Tyrant | Alien Zobetai Nabia | Zandrias | Alien Groza | Alien Serpent | Alien Pedan | Alien Zelan | Alien Doble | Alien Neril | Alien Bado | Pedanium Zetton | Alien Ckalutch | Zegun | Cicada Woman | Alien Godola (Godo-Wynn) | Chimeraberus | Legionoid Dada Customize | Zaigorg | Mecha Gomora | Star Bem Gyeron | Lecuum | Gubila | King Galactron | Lidorias | Alien Reiblood | Reibatos | Alien Mefilas Sly | Alien Hipporit Jatar | Alien Temperor Villainous | Alien Groza Grocken | Alien Deathre Deathlogue
Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes! Alien Pegassa Pega | Jugglus Juggler | Galactron Army | Gillvalis | Valis Raider | Alien Jaki Arlon | MJ Galilee | Gukulushisa | Ruffle | Alien Norvar | Rawaan Man | Alien Gemaha | Idarada | Magdom | Bruck | Alien Nackle | Alien Ckalutch | Alien Shaplay | Galmess | Hupnath | Alien Bado | Kemur | Lecuum
Ultraman Festival 2017 Ultra Dark-Killer | King Galactron | Alien Pedan | Perfect King Joe
Ultraman Fusion Fight! Capsule Fusion MagaMaga-Arch Belial | Strong Gomorant | Bemzeed | Burning Bemstra
Ultraman R/B Kaiju
Ultraman R/B Grigio Bone | Cereza | Black King | Gargorgon | Red King | Guebasser | Mecha Gomora | Aribunta | Ultraman Orb Dark | Gomess (S) | Horoboros | Bezelb | Gubila | Grigio King | Neronga | Pigmon | Booska | Dada | Alien Zarab | Alien Mefilas | Alien Chibull | Alien Bado | Alien Pitt | Alien Nackle | King Joe | Grand King Megalos | Gomora | Kamisori Demaaga | Grigio Regina | Leugocyte
Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond Bemstar | Gan-Q | Alien Pegassa Pega | Mecha Gomora | Snake Darkness | Pigmon | Grigio Regina
Ultraman R/B Novel: The Blue-Eyed Girl Whose Name is Gray Bakubarba | Nero | Margodon | Grigio | Fearmonger | Alien Egon Ciel | Barrigator No. 1 and 2 | Leugocyte
Ultraman Taiga Kaiju
Ultraman Taiga Alien Rivers Kawazu | Homare Soya | Alien Ckalutch | Cicada Human | Alien Magma Maguma | Baby Zandrias | Zegun | Young Mother Zandrias | Alien Markind Markind | Hellberus | Baby Guesra Chibisuke | Lecuum | King Guesra Chibisuke | Galactron MK2 | Darebolic (MB) | Alien Fanton | Alien Zetton Zolin | Volk | Alien Serpent | Galmess | Hupnath | Alien Pedan | Chiburoid | Alien Seger Aoi | Segmeger | Alien Damara | Alien Gapiya Abel | Cicada Girl | Alien Perolynga | Alien Babarue | Alien Hook | Night Fang | Majappa | Maiko Namekata | Alien Keel | Hupnath | Alien Nackle Odyssa | Black King | Maria | Alien Zelan Oshoro | Pagos | Gymaira | Ilt | Gigadelos | Lunah | Alien Galo | Dethmon | Purana | Baby Samekujira | Lim Eleking | Baby Vadata | Alien Chibull Mabuze | Skull Gomora | Alien Semon Meed | Demaaga | Bemular | Alien Bat Seiji Komori | Alien Pitt Hitomi Mizuno | Zetton | Gorothunder | Alien Haze Mystie | Alien Bado El-Ray | Aribunta | Pandon | Alien Ghose | Takkong | Shinji | Giestron | Alien Godola | Alien Sran | Alien Zarab | Woola
Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax Grimdo | Dada | Alien Magma Maguma | Alien Markind Markind | Legionoid Dada Customize | Alien Keel | Alien Serpent | Lecuum | Alien Fanton | Alien Zelan | Alien Ckalutch | Alien Bado | Alien Shaplay | Alien Groza | Hellberus | Segmeger | Night Fang | Gigadelos | Gorothunder
Tri-Squad VoiceDrama Kishiader | Gerg | Imbiza | Re-Brocken | Mecha Birdon | Dakumiran | Zabiden | Bazelia | Re-Zaragas | Re-Alien Iyros | Re-Beacon | Re-Muruchi | Pestria | Paraidar | Dairaoh | Ilia | Alien Godmes
Tregear's Story/Blue Shadow Gagoze | Snark | Murnau | Leugocyte | Greeza | Alien Pegassa Pega | Snake Darkness
Ultra Galaxy Fight Kaiju
Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes Ultra Dark-Killer | Dark Lugiel | Etelgar | Peguila | Ragon | Red King I and II
Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy Absolute Tartarus

Chapter 1

Hellberus | Alien Sran | Leugocyte | Reibatos | Gymaira | Gudis Maga-Orochi | Gukulushisa

Chapter 2

Alien Nackle | Alien Babarue | Alien Godola | Dada | Alien Empera | Juda Spectre | Mold Spectre | Reibatos | Alien Bat | Zett | Night Fang

Chapter 3

Reibatos | Alien Bat | Zett | Zetton | EX Zetton | Hyper Zetton | Zetton Falx | Zandrias | Noiseler
Galaxy Rescue Force Voice Drama Gukulushisa | Queen Izana | Kenis | Bemstar | Alien Valky | Baby Samekujira Samekichi | Poccola | Dinozaur | Nova | Alien Babarue (RB) | Red King | Daada | Kelbim | Giestron | Neronga
Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad Absolute Tartarus | Absolute Diavolo | Absolute Titan | Absolutians | Lidorias | Alien Bat | Reibatos | Gina Spectre | Bemstar | Darklops | Legionoids | Pestar | Gua Spectre | Mecha Baltan | Cyber Mecha Baltan | Ultroid Zero | Miclas | Windom | Agira
Ultraman Trigger Kaiju
Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga Golba | Alien Metron Marluru | Gymaira | Lishurian (Ignis) | Gazort | Oka-Gubila | Deban | Deathdrago | Satandelos | Alien Barossa IV | King Joe STORAGE Custom | Space Sevenger | Bullton | Baby Zandrias Kedamya | The Other's sea bream | Okorin Ball Parasite | Small Desimonia | Dada PDO-3 | Gargorgon | Zaragas | Absolute Diavolo | Absolute Tartarus | Darebolic | Nurse | Metsu-Orga | Metsu-Orochi | Segmeger | Golba II | Kyrieloid | Barriguiler | Aboras | Banila | Mecha Musashin | Megalothor | Gomora | Telesdon | Pagos | Arstron
Episode Z Alien Metron Marluru | Ignis | Celebro | Pagos | Gazort | Genegarg | Deathdrago | Destrudos
Secret Origins of the Nursedessei Alien Metron Marluru | Alien Magma | Alien Pedan | Ghighi Doctor | Cicada Man | Alien Wild Zagar | Alien Pitt | Alien Zetton