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Cyclometra (サイクロメトラ Saikurometora) is a Kaiju that first appeared in the series, Ultraman Dyna. A total of three Cyclometra's have been identified.

Subtitle: Space Parasite (宇宙寄生獣 Uchū Kisei-jū)


Ultraman Dyna

Arriving in a forest near Suruga bay in the form of a green meteor (egg), three Cyclometra bursted from the shell of the container and immediately began to fire randomly with their energy beams. Super GUTS immediately took notice and dispatched Asuka in the GUTS Eagle Alpha to take some samples of the creatures. Asuka, however, fired and killed two of the Cyclometra. Unknowingly letting the third and last of these devils to escape. The last Cyclometra managed to discover the dead Grossyna during its travels and crawled into the corpse's mouth, into the internal chambers and revived the monster. Meanwhile, Super GUTS discovered that if all three Cyclometra survived, two of them will mate, spreading their eggs all around the globe, where they will destroy all life. They also learned that Cyclometra are parasitic, and have an abnormal substance inside their throat that can cause great explosions. While analyzing the corpses, Grossyna appeared and drew battle with Super GUTS, and with Asuka's rational decisions, leading to the wounding of Captain Hibiki. As Super GUTS retreated, Cyclometra continued advance. However, a new plan was developed; the first step was to have Asuka use the Cyclometra mating call to lure Grossyna/Cyclometra to a special area, where the machines by the name of "Laser Wire" will launch electrical "strings" at Grossyna/Cyclometra, keeping it in place while Kariya, in the GUTS Eagle Gamma, will fire a fatal beam that will penetrate Grossyna's neck and kill it. However, Cyclometra miraculously healed its host's wounds and drew battle yet again. Ultraman Dyna was then called on to the scene and drew battle with Grossyna/Cyclometra. After the battle, Dyna heavily damaged Grossyna's corpse, which infuriated an already frustrated Cyclometra. The worm like creature decided to leave the corpse be and bursted out the flesh prison, trying for a Kamikaze attack (throwing itself at Dyna to cause the Earth to explode). However, Dyna reacted in time and vaporized Cyclometra with the Flash Light Bullet before flying away.


  • Cyclometra is portrayed by a puppet.
  • The way in which Cyclometra burst out of Glossena's chest was reminiscent of how Chestbursters emerge from their hosts' chests in the Aliens franchise. Cyclometra also bore a slight resemblance to Chestbursters.


  • Height: 9 m
  • Weight: 7,000 t
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Energy Beam: Cyclometra can fire a red energy beam from its mouth. The beam is relatively powerful as it can down trees easily.
  • Substance Explosion: An abnormal substance found within Cyclometra's throat is highly explosive, and when struck by a laser or anything of high speeds, will cause an explosion capable of destroying planets.
  • Parasite: Cyclometra can crawl into the bodies of deceased organisms to control their body.


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