The deactivated Crisis

Crisis (クリシス Kurishisu) was a photon powered computer designed by Hiroya Fujimiya for Alchemy Stars. It's purpose was to be used to predict Earth's future in hopes that humanity would be able to over come the eventual attacks of the Radical Destruction Bringer. However, one of the Destruction Bringer's kaiju servants, Queen Mezard, secretly infected Crisis with a virus which caused Crisis to predict that mankind would become the Radical Destruction Bringer.


The false answer that Crisis gave shocked Hiroya Fujimiya, causing him to abandoning the Crisis project, and went on to begin another research project to discoverer the will if the Earth, which lead to him finding the light of Agul. The Birth of Agul

Years later, Crisis finally became berserk when Zoruim attacked Earth, and after Gaia killed Zoruim, GUARD of Europe immediately froze Crisis' systems. However, Crisis Ghost made one final action and sent its contents to the internet and stay there like a ghost.A New Battle ~Version-up Fight!~

When Zogu was sent by the Radical Destruction Bringer and after she had defeated both Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul, Hiroya Fujimiya reactivated Crisis to power GUARD's and XIG's computers and mechas, allowing them to restore Gaia's and Agul's energy. Earth is Ultraman's Star


  • Prediction: Crisis original programming is to predict future but he was mysteriously defected, causing him to corrupted and send false prediction to Fujimiya.
  • Communication: When the worldwide Dobishi invasion occured causing the communications to stuck, Crisis was reengineered again to support the communications.
  • Fake Ultraman Gaia: Due to his hack of Geo Base, Crisis can transform his Meemos into an exact replica of Ultraman Gaia V1. This ability is from Algyuros.
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