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Crisis (クリシス Kurishisu) is a photon-powered supercomputer designed by Hiroya Fujimiya for Alchemy Stars. Its purpose is to predict Earth's future, leading to the discovery of the Radical Destruction Bringer and its plans to invade Earth.


One of the Destruction Bringer's kaiju servants, Queen Mezard, secretly infected Crisis with a virus which caused it to convince Fujimiya into thinking that the only way to save Earth was to erase the human race.

The false answer that Crisis gave shocked Fujimiya, causing him to quit the Alchemy Stars. He then went on to begin another research project on Pronon Calamos to discover the will of the Earth. Eventually, the experiments led him to the Light of Agul. The Birth of Agul


Years later after the experiment, Crisis was used as a network to communicate and connect information around the Earth. Later, Crisis became berserk when Zoruim attacked Earth. After Gaia defeated Zoruim, Crisis went rogue and started infecting GUARD's networks with the Crisis Ghost Virus. In response, GUARD Europe froze Crisis' systems. However, the Crisis Ghost Virus went on to invade the Aerial Base and Geo Base's computers. Eventually, it merged with the fragments of Apatee and morphed into Fake Ultraman Gaia and later Mimos. A New Battle ~Version-up Fight!~

When Zogu was sent by the Radical Destruction Bringer and after she had defeated both Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul, Hiroya Fujimiya reactivated Crisis with the Neutrino Generation System. With the help of Crisis and Earth's properties, GUARD and XIG's networks were restored, enabling them to commence their plan on restoring Gaia's and Agul's energy. Earth is Ultraman's Star


  • Prediction: Crisis' original program enables it to make future predictions from all current data about all things on Earth.
  • Communication Restore: When the Dobishi invasion occurred causing global communications to fail, Crisis was re-engineered to restore the communications.


Ultraman Gaia

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