Burnmite horn rub This article lacks an official name. "Crest Weapons" is simply how it is referred to as, due to the popularity in the fandom or how it's mentioned in-story.

A Crest Weapon is, as its name implies, the crest of an Ultra used as a weapon. The most famous of these weapons is Ultraseven's Eye Slugger, which is a boomerang-like weapon that can be controlled by Ultraseven in flight. It serves as a head crest when not in use, and is the first of several detachable Crest Weapons used by later Ultras.

There are several Ultra warriors who have Eye Slugger-like weapons: Ultraman Max with his Maxium Sword, Ultraseven 21 who uses the Vezard, Ultraman Zero, the son of Seven, who uses the Zero Sluggers, Ultraman Exceed X who uses the XluggerUltraman Orb who uses the Orb Sluggers while in Hurricane Slash and Emerium Slugger (due to using Zero's Ultra Fusion Card) with the latter form also giving Orb a copy of the Eye Slugger (due to using Seven's Ultra Fusion Card), and Ultraman Geed who uses the Geed Slugger while in Solid Burning (due to using Seven's Ultra Capsule). These users always keep their blades on their heads when not using them.

Each can slice a normal enemy in half, although a few robotic enemies have proven able to resist the Eye Slugger and similar weapons thanks to the strength of the metal used to build them. The most well-known of these is King Joe.


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