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Crazygon (クレージーゴン Kurējīgon) or Crazy Gon[1], was a robot that appeared in episode 38 of Ultraseven.

Subtitle: Robot Monster (ロボット怪獣 Robotto Kaijū)



One day around the Hakone mountain pass, the UG started to detect strange activity, but nothing seemed to happen until a bizarre fog of smoke made itself known along a backed up high way with blinding lights flashing about. Once the Ultra Guard cleared the smoke with a special gas they found the Alien Banda's robot, Crazygon, stealing cars into his chest with a giant claw for his right arm. After stealing a few cars Crazygon's garage-like chest cavity closed and started to walk through the busy highway, destroying whatever was in his way with his skinny legs. Anne started firing at Crazygon, but that only turned his attention towards her as he grabbed the car with her and two other people inside. Without the Ultra Guard attacking him, Crazygon unleashed his forehead beam on them and even crashed one of their fighters. Before the situation became worse, Dan turned into Ultraseven and managed to save Anne, but Crazygon flew away to prevent any more damage to him. The Ultra Guard managed to follow Crazygon to Banda's ship where he was grabbed with a large clasp. Some time later, the Ultra Guard set a trap for Crazygon by using a lot of cars with each of them having a bomb inside of it. After Crazygon came and stole a few cars, he took off with the Ultra Guard in pursuit. They found Crazygon deposing of his loot inside of the ship with the Ultra Guard detonating a bomb in some of the cars that brought the ship down. However, after the explosion Crazygon emerged unharmed and began to fly away until he found a nearby city and started destroying it. Dan turned into Ultraseven once again, but Crazygon proved to be too much for him for not even his Emerium Beam or Eye Slugger could stop him. Forcing to resort to more drastic measures, Ultraseven reduced his size to that of a bullet and was shot out of one of the Ultra Guard's weapons, destroying Crazygon in the attack.


  • Crazygon's design is based on a car compactor.
  • Crazygon would later inspire Builgamo from Return of Ultraman and Clevergon from Ultraman Cosmos.
  • Crazygon was originally simply going to be called "Alien Banda's Robot", but received his name shortly before production was complete. Some early sources give Crazygon the subtitle A Mistake Robot (きちがいロボット Kichi ga I Robotto), though this was changed as the phrase "Kichi ga I" is sometimes used as an insult in Japan, similarly to the phrase "a mistake" in English.
  • Crazygon's claw arrived on set unfinished. This claw was also meant to be placed on the opposite arm to where it ended up.
  • In the TNT English dub, Crazygon is called a Zantar Battle-Bot.

Fight! Sevenger

Crazygon is set to appear in the manga prequel for Ultraman Z.[2]


Crazygon remove.png
  • Height: 42 m 
  • Weight: 30,000 t 
  • Origin: Created on Planet Banda, started working on Planet Earth
Powers and Weapons
  • Forehead Beam: Crazygon can emit a powerful blue beam of energy from the template on his forehead.
  • Pincer Claw: Crazygon is equipped with a massive pincer claw for its right hand. He can use this claw to attack enemies, but more often uses it to pick up objects and place them inside his storage chest.
  • Smokescreen: Crazygon can blast steam from the pipes on either side of his head, surrounding the area around him in a thick fog. While doing this he can create blinding flashes.
  • Flight: Crazygon can fly through the air at moderate speeds by retracting his legs.






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