Home world: Yapool's dimension
First Appearance: Ultraman Ace Episode 16: "Summer of Horror Series - Ghost Story! Cow God Man"
Latest Appearance: Ultraman X
Height: 2 metres (Cattle God)
61 metres (Cowra)
Weight: 77,000 t
Category: Choju
Affiliation: Yapool (Master),
Jumbo King (Body Part)
Cattle God sounds 2
(Cattle God)
Cowra roars

Cowra (カウラ Kaura) is one of Yapool's many Choju from Ultraman Ace. He appeared in episode 16.

Subtitle: Cattle God Super-beast (牛神超獣 Ushigami Chōjū)


Ultraman Ace

Originally Takai, a man whom picked a nose ring and wear it, he was cursed by a man in purple to become Cattle God. Later, he realised that he was slowly turning into a half man, half-cow creature, and went back the the Nose Ring Hill where he stole the nose ring earlier and asked for forgiveness. This was to no avail as the mysterious man in purple turned him into Cowra and ordered it to feed on humans. The next day, villagers made a prayer to stop Cowra's reign of terror but the mysterious man disrupted it and sets Cowra on rampage again. Hokuto and Minami transformed into Ultraman Ace and battled the Choju. Yoshimura noticed the nose ring at Cowra's right hand and ordered Ace to remove it. He does so by kicking it out, then materialised a nose ring on Cowra's nose before he throw the Choju as it turn back into Takai. The man thanked TAC and Yoshimura as he resumed his normal life as a farmer.

The Final Battle of Ace

In the finale of Ultraman Ace, Cowra along Unitang, Mazaron Man, & Mazarius and returned as ghosts and were combined into the strongest, final Choju Jumbo King by Yapool.


  • Cowra's roar is a modified cow bellow.
  • The Cattle God resembles the Minotaur, a Greek mythological creature.
  • Cowra is the first choju whose life is voluntarily spared by Ace.
  • Cowra's grunts near the end of the fight were re-used Godzilla moans and grunts. These roars are in turn derived from the growls of various big cats.
  • Given that Cowra was reverted back into Takai by Ace, it is never explained how Yapool managed to use Cowra to create Jumbo King. It is possible that Yapool simply created a second Cowra to use in his Chimera creation.


Cattle God

The Cattle God (牛神 Ushigami), also known as Bullman (バルマン Baruman) is Takai's pre-mutation form before the Cowra transformation completed


  • Height: 1.7 m
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Origin: Okayama Prefecture





  • Height: 61 m
  • Weight: 77, 000 t
  • Origin: Okayama Prefecture
  • Tail length: 15 m

Powers and Weapons

  • Horns: Cowra possessed a pair of horns which he used to rammed a building.
  • Purple Ray: Cowra can shoot a purple beam from in between his horns.
  • Hallucination: Cowra can couse enemies to hullucinate in order to distract and confuse them.

Cyber Cowra
Ultraman X Cyber Cowra Card

Cyber Cowra

Using the data of Cowra's Spark Doll, a cybernetic/artificial version of it was created and contained in a Cyber Card, namely Cyber Cowra (サイバーカウラ Saibā Kaura).


  • Height: 61 m
  • Weight: 77,000 t
  • Origin: Xio headquarters

Powers and Weapons



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