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Cosmo Tector (コスモテクター Kosumo Tekutā) are battle armors worn by the Andro Super Warriors. A Cosmo Tector is also worn by the Ultra Warrior Melos.


Andro Melos

A group of four Ultramen which called themselves as the Andro Defense Force wear the Cosmo Tectors, as well as adopting codename to hide their identities. One of them, Andro Melos was Benoit, whom briefly left his Andro Warrior title to Zoffy in his absence before resuming his duty.

Other Media

The・Ultraman: Jackal vs. Ultraman

First appeared in the manga written by Mamoru Uchiyama, the Cosmo Tector was first worn by Melos, whom used it to counter Demon King Jackal's invasion army, saving the Earth populations and surviving Ultraman that went to hiding.

During a counterattack on the Jackal Army, Melos was defeated by Jackal after the latter tricked him. This armor was briefly worn by Zoffy, whom used it to temporarily posed as a fully healed Melos and attacked Jackal before reinforcements came in the form of revived Ultra Brothers.


  • Protection: The Cosmo Tectors' original purpose is to provide protection to their users from any incoming dangers.
  • Weapon Storage: The Cosmo Tectors are capable of housing average weaponries, usually arm blades that would easily deployed when needed.
  • Reconstitution: Melos' Cosmo Tector can be separated and reform back to its wearer telepathically.

Models and Users


  • Out of all Cosmo Tector users, Zoffy is the only one who lacked a model of his own. However, he would later receive his own model, the Grantector, though at that time he was disguising himself as Andro Melos.
  • Judging by Zoffy's statistics, it is possible that Cosmo Tectors averagely weigh around 10,000 t.
  • Japanese wise, the Cosmo Tector shared its name with the Skyboom Shield from Transformers Micron Legend, better known as Transformers Armada in the English dub.

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