Constellation Thief (星座泥棒 Seiza Dorobō) is the 37th episode of Ultraman Max.


A light-hating monster appears, while a mysterious man tells Mizuki she is descended from aliens who came to earth long ago.


Kaito and Mizuki are out star gazing when Kaito notices the stars are aligned strangely. They gather into a ball and Keplus shoots down into the city. Koba and Sean attack, but the monster simply absorbs their laser beams. Elly deduces the kaiju dislikes light, and DASH uses a flash bomb to scare it off.

Kaito and Mizuki investigate the point of disappearance. Mizuki feels a signal and goes to an observatory, where she is greeted by a strange man. He tells her that long ago his species, the creators of the night sky, came to earth. He tells that because she can see the planetarium, she is a descendant of the Saturnians.

Kaito arrives and she finds herself standing outside. When she tells her story, Elly informs her that there are no planetariums in the area. Later that night, Elly senses an alien in the same place, and Kaito and Mizuki investigate. Mizuki remembers meeting the man as a child, and that he told her she would be able to leave earth.

She finds herself in the planetarium again, and the man tells her they will soon be able to depart. Keplus arrives, and opens a door in the sky, and the man tells Mizuki it is time for them to depart. Max battles the kaiju, but is unable to destroy it. He protects the planetarium from a blast of light.

Mizuki manages to convince the alien that earth's light should be protected, and him and Kepluse depart to their home, after he tells Mizuki they will meet again someday. The planetarium vanishes, and Kaito and Mizuki return to Base Titan.






Home Media

  • Ultraman Max Volume 10 features episodes 35-39.
  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.
  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU on March 23, 2017
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