Connely-07 (コネリー07 Koneri-07) was a small special search and rescue boat that can fly in any airflow or all-terrain. It was used when GUTS Eagle and similar jets couldn't fly. It can also be used to transport a cannister containing Nakajima's GUTS DIG. It can also merge with the GUTS Eagle by replacing GUTS Eagle Gamma's position.




  • Lazenby Cannon (レーゼンビー砲 Rēzenbī-hō)
  • Dalton Bomb (ダルトンボム Daruton Bomu): Instant fire bomb.
  • Moore Cannon (ムーアキャノン Mūa Kyanon): A laser cannon for intimidation, but its power is lower than that of GUTS Eagle.
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