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Connection of Light (光を繋ぐもの Hikari o Tsunagu Mono) is the first episode of Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga.


Young Kengo Manaka lives on Mars. As he lives out his peaceful, day-to-day life, the monster Golba suddenly appears, throwing the town into chaos! Meanwhile, Kengo has a fateful meeting with a giant stone statue sleeping deep beneath the ground on Mars. When Kengo becomes one with an Ultra-Ancient light, his destiny is forcefully thrown into motion!


A female giant destroys several nearby asteroids out of rage after escaping her petrified form.

Kengo Manaka awakens from yet another similar dream of him facing a woman dressed in white and the image of a dark giant. Both Kengo and his mother, Reina, are workers of Sizuma Foundation, but each had different professions, the former being a botanist and the latter being a researcher in the Martian ruins after discovering it in 20 years prior. Seeing his plants wilting due to high concentration of metal in Martian soil, Kengo trails his mother and Sizuma Foundation chairman Mitsukuni Shizuma to the underground ruins. Reina and her team discovered that the ruins is actually a reverse pyramid and found a giant sword that is similar in composition and age (30 million years) to another ruins that Mitsukuni discovered on Earth. The giant sword reacted within Kengo's presence and a monster appeared nearby the Martian colony.

As Kengo is about to be crushed by a falling rubble, he is mysteriously protected by an energy shield. The monster on the other hand bury its own way in to bypass the colony's defenses and making its way to the pyramid. Mitsukuni recognized the monster to be a Golza/Melba hybrid and fires a bullet of Gomora's attack to force it into retreating for a while. At the shelter, Kengo has a brief encounter with the woman in white from his dream and explains his dream to Mitsukuni about wanting to raise the R'lyeh flower he had been researching in hopes of cheering up people at the times of hardship. Giving Kengo his set of GUTS Sparklence and GUTS Buckle, Mitsukuni recounted a certain hero in his past and that achieving one's dream is their own answer. The alien woman then sent her monster, Golba, into another rampage against the ruins.

Taking the gun and leaving his flower to his mother's care, Kengo rushes into the ruins and falls into a portal that leads him to a statue. The figure in question resembles the dark giant Kengo had always dream of, but he quickly sees the former to be a different person. Kengo later discover the female giant trying to destroy the giant statue, but Kengo's persistence, even after Yuzare fail to protect him, causes the statue to unleash a backlash and deliver its power into a key. As Kengo loads it in and activates the GUTS Sparklence, he merges with the statue as it materializes as Ultraman Trigger to face Golba.

The female giant joins the fight with Golba and already has Trigger beaten, but Kengo's memory of the sword statue has him summoning the weapon to his aid as its original form, Circle Arms. After turning the tides of the battle, Trigger unleashes his finishing move, but Golba quickly shields its master and gets blown into pieces, leaving the former exhausted and the latter escaped. Mitsukuni and Reina realizes that Kengo is Trigger, thus the latter gave him the permission to have her son inducted into GUTS-Select.

Galaxy Rescue Force Voice Drama


Initiation (入隊 Nyūtai)

On their first day in Galaxy Rescue Force, Ultraman Ribut and Sora decided to get to know other members of their team. The two were intoduced to Gukulushisa, who according to Sora, came from a race monsters that gradually went extinct due to advancing civilizations. Queen Izana was able to find a few of them by chance and recruited the, into the Galaxy Rescue Force. Ribut makes it awkward as he initially believed that Gukulushisa was unable to understand speech until Sora confirms that the creature is capable of understanding them. After Shisa left, Ribut begins wondering if he is able to get fit into the team.


Guest Cast

  • Newscaster: Anna Matsunaga (松永安奈 Matsunaga An'na)

Voice Actor

Suit Actors

  • Ultraman Trigger: Hideyoshi Iwata (岩田 栄慶 Iwata Hideyoshi)
  • Carmeara: Momoka Yasukawa (安川 桃香 Yasukawa Momoka)
  • Golba: Kenji Kajikawa (梶川 賢司 Kajikawa Kenji)
  • Shinnosuke Ishikawa (石川 真之介 Ishikawa Shinnosuke)
  • Satoru Okabe (岡部 暁 Okabe Satoru)





  • The title screen which appeared after the cold opening at the Manaka residence is a reference to the children shouting the show's title in Ultraman Tiga before Take Me Higher plays in the opening. However, subsequent episodes which had the opening theme lacks the children shouting the series' name.
  • The first episodes contain all three call-backs to the first episodes of all TDG trilogy.
  • The unfiltered version of the scene of Trigger's rear view sword pose with explosions detonated on his front is seen at the official teaser of the show.
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