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Compoid (コンポイド Konpoido) is a human-like species native to the Computer World, appearing only in episode 6 Gridman the Hyper Agent.


Gridman the Hyper Agent

Only one such member of Compoid to appear, namely Unison (ユニゾン Unizon), who's identified by the treble clef-like emblem on her dress and worked as a "Spirit of the Sound" (音の精霊 Oto no Seirei). Unison appeared at the climax of the episode to prevent Gridman from killing Anosillus stating that the monster simply went berserk from a contaminated music. She tried to purify the monster with her music, but Takeshi disarm her from her baton. Yuka gets the idea to play through Ippei's keyboard and purify Anosillus with her music, allowing the monster to undo the damages done to Sakuragaoka. As a token of appreciation, Unison and Anosillus installed a combination program into the Barrier Shield to combine with the Plasma Blade into the larger Gridman Sword.


  • Actress: Eri Takeuchi (credited under the name Eri Hida)
  • The species Compoid as a whole was only mentioned in-name by the narrator at the very end of Unison's episode debut with no proper explanation of their origin and lore in later episodes.
    • In the original plan, the Compoids were supposed to be given a bigger involvement in the story to appear in groups, but Tsuburaya Productions scrapped the idea due to the heavy use of special effects required.[1]
    • The term "Compoid" was dropped out from the English subtitle of the episode provided by Amazon and Tsuburaya Productions' YouTube channel.
  • The Compoid as a whole is an equivalent to the aliens and phantoms from the Ultraman Series for Gridman's themes of cyberspace.
  • The insert theme of Gridman the Hyper Agent, Futatsu no Yuki was sung by a team of singers operating under the pseudonym Compoid Three (コンポイドスリー Konpoido Surī). The team itself was rumored to be the idol group Hikaru Genji.


During Zegga's rampage, Alexis・Kerib explained to Rikka that the entire citizens of Tsutsujidai were Repli-Compoids (レプリコンポイド Repuri Konpoido), artificial humans created by Akane to inhabit her virtual town as part of her escapism from reality. However as each Repli-Compoids are sapient beings on their own, Akane created monsters to eliminate those she deemed unworthy or had wronged her in certain ways, for example killing Sakiru's team of volleyball club members while having the Venoras cleansing the city after each operation to cover the damages and removing the murdered Repli-Compoids' memories from its citizens.

Akane added that despite the numerous atrocities she had done, the Gridman Alliance members are incapable of hating her as their programming forbid them to do so. After being restored to full power, Gridman's Fixer Beam not only fixed the damages on Tsutsujidai, but also converted the entire Computer World into a copy of the planet Earth itself.


  • Anosillus the 2nd wears a shirt with Unison's treble clef insignia. Like Unison, she provided a soothing music, her target being Yuta to prevent Venora's smog from rendering him asleep as they board the train.
    • During her return in SSSS.DYNAZENON, Anosillus the 2nd (now shortening her name to simply The Second) utilizes a similar baton to Unison and twirl it to fix Dynazenon.
  • In the Crunchyroll subtitle and Funimation English dub, the translation was also lost, as Alexis's Repli-Compoid term was removed into "replica". This is probably due to the international audience are not familiar with the term and is forced to hide it for convenience purposes.


Powers and Weapons (Unison)
  • Baton: Unison's main weapon is a performance baton, one that is usually seen on parade performers. Accessing its ability required her to twirl it clockwise.
    • Purifying Melody: In her futile attempt to save Anosillus, Unison unleashes a melody to soothe the brainwashed monster.
    • Programming: Although the true extent to this ability is unidentified, Unison and Anosillus are capable of rewriting the Barrier Shield's programming, allowing it to fuse with the Plasma Blade into the larger Gridman Sword.


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