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Coldon (コールドン Kōrudon) is a Kaiju that appeared in episode 24 of Mirrorman.

Subtile: Capsule Freezing Monster (カプセル冷凍怪獣 Kapuseru Reitō Kaijū)



Coldon was unleashed unleashed from a space ship onto the mountains in Shizuoka, freezing the local forest. A female Invader contained him in a specialized gun for transport. The Invader used Coldon's powers to assassinate a pair of scientists that night from the Tohto University Space Science Lab. Coldon was used the next day to destroy the house of Professor Takahashi, the supervisor of the two scientists. The SGM quickly realized the Invaders were informed of members of a top secret project with Dr. Kazuno likely as their next target. SGM managed to save him from a bombing attempt by the Invaders. After that Dr. Kazuno thanked SGM by showing them the secret project which consisted of an unmanned flying saucer that could warp one light year per second called the Leaper. Unfortunately for the SGM Dr. Kazuno was quickly frozen by the female Invader soon after, once more using Coldon's power from her pistol. Murakami became frozen as well while trying to pursue her. Kyotaro managed to knock the pistol out of her hand by throwing a rock, unwittingly releasing Coldon. The female Invader escaped and Kyotaro quickly defeated two others that tried to distract him. Coldon proceeded to freeze the nearby forest and forced Kyotaro to retreat. Later that day Coldon was sent out by the female Invader only for Mirrorman to fight the monster. The giants fought one another, tackling and rolling which caused a construction site to explode. Mirrorman managed to land more hits than Coldon and eventually destroyed him with the Silver Cross.


  • Coldon's roar is shared with that of Zumbolar.

Mirror Fight

Coldon appeared in episodes 15, 21, 22, 31 and 32 of Mirror Fight. Unlike the majority of the fights in this series, all of Coldon's appearances were newly filmed fights.


  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 48,000 t
  • Origin: Planet X
Powers and Weapons
  • Freezing Mist: Being a Frozen Capsule monster, Coldon can fire an icy mist from his mouth.


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