Clash! Ultra Big Match! (激突! ウルトラビッグマッチ! Gekitotsu! Urutora Biggu Macchi!) is the twenty-third episode of Ultraman Taiga.


A trio of aliens recreate Ultraman Belial using his genetic material. Ultraman Zero shows up to help Taiga battle against the imitation.


At a corner of one building, a countermeasure meeting is being held by Aliens, day after day, who hold a grudge against Ultramen for disrupting their plans in the past. A new plan is brought up by Alien Chibull Mabuze and as a result, the "most evil demon in the galaxy" comes back into existence. Taiga and Hiroyuki face a hard battle against the overwhelming power of the demon. Then the rival of the demon also makes an appearance and his name is Ultraman Zero!

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Where Is the Superior's Judgement? (目上の人かの判断ってどこでする? Meue no Hito ka no Handan tte dokode suru?)

While Titas pays his respects to Zero, he finds out that Zero is actually younger than him.


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  • The instant noodle cups that the EGIS members were about to eat from have shout-outs to the three past human hosts of Zero, spelling their names in Kanji.
  • Hiroyuki Kudo grabs a fork during his transformation scene before discarding it. This is a reference to the famous moment when Shin Hayata lifts a spoon instead of his Beta Capsule in episode 34 of Ultraman.
  • There seems to be at least two references to the popular series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • The scene where Titas and Imit-Belial punch each other rapidly mimics the Stand Rush between Jotaro's Star Platinum and DIO's The World, made even more apparent by Titas' star motif and battle cries alluding to Star Platinum.
    • Before getting crushed, Mabuze declares "Chibull science is the best in the universe!". Rudol von Stroheim, a German Nazi soldier-turned-cyborg, is known for declaring that "German science is the best in the world!".
  • This episode's title is a reference to the title of episode 49 of Ultraman Taro.[1]


  • The building that Imit-Belial uses as a shield received damage from Fuma's Light Wave Shurikens; however, in the next shot, it is shown to be damage-free.


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