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The Clarkov NF-3000 (クラーコフNF-3000 Kurākofu NF-3000) is a mobile base of Super GUTS, used often for outer space missions. It can move on land, in the sea, air and space. Its primary weapon is the Gyuvern Cannon (ギューベルン砲 Gyūberun-hō).

Subtitle: Mobile Base (移動ベース Idō Bēsu)


Ultraman Dyna

Sometime in Antarctica, the Clarkov was taken over by Sufume which proceeded to draw the TPC's artificial sun to Earth. The Clarkov Won't Surface! Part 1 The vessel was freed by the efforts of Super GUTS. The Clarkov Won't Surface! Part 2

When the TPC and Super GUTS retrieved a Sphere fragment from Pluto via the Clarkov, the fragment assimilated with one of its Neo Maxima Engines, forcing them to eject it to Mount Rokkō, Osaka. The Smile of Destruction: Part 1

Clarkov flying

During Dyna's final confrontation with the Gransphire, the Clarkov NF-3000 was armed with the Neo Maxima Cannon. After Dyna cleared the path to allow it to lock onto the Gransphire, the Clarkov fired the cannon. Final Chapter III: Toward Tomorrow...



  • Its design is based on the English alphabet "X".
  • In its initial design, the central bridge is made to resemble Mecha Godzilla's face to make the ship look life-like.
  • The Clarkov was originally intended to dock on top of the Grandome, but the idea was scrapped. The movable command tower on the Grandome toy is a remnant of this idea.