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"Maximum boot up! (Form name)!"

―Hyper Key insertion announcement

"(Energy name) Sword Finish!/Claw Impact!/Arrow Strike!"

―Multi Sword/Power Claw/Sky Arrow finisher announcement

The Circle Arms (サークルアームズ Sākuru Āmuzu) is Ultraman Trigger's signature weapon. It changes its modes to suit his various Type Changes. Its default form is the Multi Sword (マルチソード Maruchi Sōdo), which Trigger uses in in Multi Type. The weapon can change into the Power Claw (パワークロー Pawā Kurō) in Power Type and Sky Arrow (スカイアロー Sukai Arō) in Sky Type, with each mode having different specializations.[1][2] It is also capable of drawing out power from GUTS Hyper Keys for finisher attacks.[3]


The Circle Arms was once Ultraman Trigger's weapon. When he turned into a stone statue, so did the weapon. 30 million years later, the Circle Arms was rediscovered in the upside-down pyramid ruins on Mars by Reina Manaka and her team. The weapon was once again activated when Kengo Manaka transformed into Trigger to fight against Golba and Carmeara.


  • Multi Sword
    • Shield: The circle of the Circle Arms can be used as a shield to protect Trigger from attacks.
    • Rapid Slash: Trigger Sky Type slashes and stabs the enemy multiple times to overwhelm them.
    • Zeperion Sword Finish (ゼペリオンソードフィニッシュ Zeperion Sōdo Finisshu): After inserting the Trigger Multi Type Key, Trigger swings the Multi Sword to release a giant energy wave. Alternatively, a giant blade of light emerges from the Multi Sword, which Trigger swings downward, bisecting the enemy.
  • Power Claw
    • Deracium Claw Impact (デラシウムクローインパクト Derashiumu Kurō Inpakuto): After inserting the Trigger Power Type Key, Trigger impales the Power Claw into the ground, causing a line of shockwaves to erupt towards the opponent. Alternatively, he slams the weapon onto the opponent and destroys them directly.
    • Zeperion Claw Impact (ゼペリオンクローインパクト Zeperion Kurō Inpakuto): Trigger charges the weapon and delivers a horizontal bisection to his opponent in mid-air.
  • Sky Arrow
    • Energy Arrow: The Sky Arrow can fire out arrows of light.
    • Energy Slash: The limbs of the Sky Arrow can be energized for use as a slashing weapon.
    • Runboldt Arrow Strike (ランバルトアローストライク Ranbaruto Arō Sutoraiku): After inserting the Trigger Sky Type Key, Trigger fires a more powerful arrow of light from the Sky Arrow. In addition, this attack can be charged up by absorbing energy from an opponent's beam while using the Circle Arms as a shield.


  • The Circle Arms is the first Ultra device to announce the names of its own finishers, rather than the Ultra's host.
    • The Knight Timbre's finishers were announced by both the device and the Ultra's host.


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