Chitangar (チタンガー Chitangā), also known as Titanium, is one of the Kaiju created by Anti Go-Ne, appearing in episode 3, "Destroy the Creature! Jum Fight!"

Subtitle: Poisonous Smoke Monster (毒煙怪獣 Doku Kemuri Kaijū)


Jumborg Ace

Chitangar was first unleashed by Anti Go-Ne to destroy an industrial zone in Keihin. PAT immediately started an attack, managing to injure one of Chitangar's eyes. Naoki Tachibana then takes flight on his Cessna without permission, interfering with PAT's plans. He flew around Chitangar, dizzying the beast and causing him to fall over. Seeing how the Kaiju is doing, Anti Go-Ne commanded him to retreat.

Later, Chitangar reappeared, and PAT once again came into action. However, Chitangar managed to damage their plane, and even worse, the escape device had failed. Luckily, Jumborg Ace arrived in time and saved the plane. Chitangar started spewing flames at Jumborg Ace, but he shot the Handy Ring Flasher into the kaiju's face. The hero then shot the Beam Emerald at Chitangar, who fell onto the ground an exploded.


  • Design: Yoshiaki Yoneya
  • Chitangar's design is based on a metallic bat.


  • Height: 58 m
  • Weight: 54 000 t
  • Origin: Space to Keihin
Powers and Weapons
  • Flames: Chitangar can spew flames.
  • Hearing: Chitangar has very good hearing


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