Chise Asukagawa (飛鳥川ちせ Asukagawa Chise)[1] is one of the main characters of SSSS.DYNAZENON. She is a seeming delinquent who prefers to skip school and hang out with her cousin Koyomi Yamanaka, but gets caught in the crossfire between Dynazenon and the Kaiju.



Skipping out of school, Chise was hanging around with her cousin Koyomi Yamanaka and watching the news. A report about floating buildings and card got her attention, so Chise convinced Koyomi to go outside with her to take a look for themselves.

Upon arriving, the Kaiju Shalbandes appeared in the city. Gauma had summoned Dynazenon, who took in him, Yomogi Asanaka and Yume Minami as its pilots, but was one short and took Koyomi, who was standing nearby. Chise was left on the sidelines and called her cousin to check on him. Eventually, Dynazenon changed into Dynarex and finished off Shalbandes, saving the city for now. What is a Kaiju User? Chise follows the other pilots during their pilot training to watch them. While ding so, she encountered a strange marble-like object that she kept to herself. What's Your Reason For Fighting?


  • While their characters have no relationship with each other, the voice actors for Yomogi and Chise, Junya Enoki and Chika Anzai respectively, are cousins in real life.
    • In-series, Chise's cousin is Koyomi where Chise is not related to his voice actor, Yuuichiro Umehara.


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